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An A-Z Consumers Guide For Video Production

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I am going to write a series of Blogs that discuss video production and break it down in the following categories:

  • Current Problems Surrounding Video Production (what they are & how to avoid them)
  • The Purpose of Video Production (how to use it to sell products & services online)
  • Video Production Types ( beginning with the ‘Talking Head Video’- from the laptop to CyberSpace & finishing up with full-scale corporate video production;)
  • Methods of Producing Effective Video ( script, camera, lights, settings- from the domestic to office or public setting;)
  • The Video Slide Show – Why Produce One, How, When, Where & Why Use One.
  • Types of Video Production ( how to know what kind of video to produce and why )
  • Marketing & Advertising Video Strategies ( what to do with it once it’s produced including how to select a service to build and manage a sales funnel)
  •  SEO 101 for Video Products ( what SEO is and why you need to know as well as how to decide who to hire if you’re not doing it yourself;)
  •  When & If To Hire a Video Producer ( what to tackle on your own & when to hire a video producer;)
  •  Emerging Trends In Video Production ( how online video has changed & why )
  •  Video Production Budgets ( what to spend in time and money – when and where)
  •  The Script: From Concept To Completion ( the absolutely most ignored and yet most essential part of successful video production;)

Video Is The Most Cost Effective Marketing Tool In The World

Well, that’s a start!  After all, if, as they say, (when referring to online marketing and advertising), ‘Content is King’ then it must surely follow that ‘Video is Queen of Content.’ Just to give you a hint at the approach I’m going to take in this series consider this:
professional Web Masters & Web Developers will emphasize over and over again, (when referencing ‘return on investment’, in all online publishing ) ‘Content is King’, and some of that content is in ‘code’ and good code is poetry. The more elegantly written the code is when the website is developed, the more efficient the website functions. Since the website is typically employed to deliver video content, then the website is also crucial to your online success. It’s lean & clean and like good copy- it communicates paragraphs with few words.

Hopefully, when you finish reading this series of blogs you’ll have a good working knowledge of what you can do to help yourself, and if you decide to hire a video production company, then you’ll be in a far better position to select the most suitable production house for your purposes.  More than this, you’ll be their assistant during the process and end up with a far better product.

If I could bank a dollar for each hour wasted by the business owner who’s hired me to produce video for their prospects, then fought against the harvested research that clearly set out what their prospect needs & wants are, I’d have enough money to throw a party and send you an hand engraved RSVP!

Video Is The Most Cost Effective Marketing Tool In The World

Everyone is innocent and does not deserve criticism from me or anyone else, of course, because you just don’t know what you don’t know.  And the sort of internet experience we are all creating, no one can stay on top of this game; no one!

Most of us are busier than ‘one armed paper hangers’ as it is…just to keep the light on!  Now, adding ‘insult to injury’ we’re supposed to know what Google just did, what Facebook is about to do and what Twitter wants!  That’s not even counting the dozen or so, ‘runner-ups’ that we would be well knowing about in the arena of social media.

This is precisely why well crafted video, and I mean, from the concept to the screen and then into the delivery, this is why video is a remedy for nearly every ill that plagues the small to medium sized business owner. BUT, since video has become like yester-years Dixie cup, view it once, throw it away…then the business owner may need to learn how to build an online presence of  ‘vlogg’;  frequent and easy to create mini-videos..and the dispatching of them.

Video Is The Most Cost Effective Marketing Tool In The World

Most of us build our business with sweat and tears, sleepless nights, sacrificing both self and family, buying it a brick and a board at a time, it’s not easy to bring in a total stranger and just because they have a video camera and some professional gear, trust them to create a video that will get our message communicated to our prospect and published out into CyberSpace so it can be found!

Problem here is that the small business owner, with next to no budget, plus being in the dark about what the costs should be, fights against many useful suggestions – I’ve done plenty of fighting myself only to later regret it and then give way to the constructive criticism and helpful guidance that was on offer to me.


The entire arena and industry that surrounds video production for the online promotion of products & services, has gone thru a digital revolution and is currently in the midst of a consumer feeding frenzy.

As a video producer, I have to admit that just surviving the ‘revolution’ was demanding enough, a ‘nail-biting & hair-pulling’ process, if I’m to be honest.  Some of the current ‘feeding frenzy’ has left many of us who provide video productions for advertising & marketing a bit bewildered.  I imagine that you’re thinking, that if there is a rush on the market for video, better yet, one that’s out of control, every video producer in the world should be in ‘Hogg Heaven’!   During this series you’ll learn why its actually made the market worse for the professional videographer and video production company, not better.

It goes without saying, that our current worldwide economy generates the sort of hunger that has everyone famished and roaming the net looking for a quick cure, instant cash, basically any remedy at all!

Video Is The Most Cost Effective Marketing Tool In The World

This is like a horror story for my video production company and here’s why; most ‘desperately seeking solution’ small to medium business owners, are not taking the time to consider what sort of video they actually need. Some of them are just grabbing at any sort of video to put onto their website or pump incessantly into their social media feed. This has become the ‘short-cut’ that they deem sufficient to secure a good return.

YouTube is their first ‘port of call’ to go and fetch in some fodder to throw up into their social media and or embed into their website. It’s almost as if this frenzy of the ‘get rich quick with video’ has incapacitated the very intelligence they utilised to build their precious business!?

Some business owners have even been encouraged to think that any video whatsoever is better than none.  I disagree with this assumption and I’m going to try to explain this as well as offer a solid argument against this nonsense in this series of blogs.

Thinking that video production alone is a solution that will massage the company’s bottom line is just one part of the problem.  The next stage of confusion arises when the business owner somehow thinks that now that they’ve spent time, money or both to produce media that it now should somehow churn cash. Sometimes it does work, but it’s usually a very successful viral video such as the one called:  “Will It Blend”. !  LOL  Now, that was a ‘cash-cow’ if ever there was one.

Video Is The Most Cost Effective Marketing Tool In The World

Like I’ve said, some of this ziggy-zaggy thinking has left me bewildered!  Whatever happened to all those basics that we learned about marketing & advertising?  Or when did anyone ever think that just renting a business premises and hanging a sign in the window would grow a business?  And yet, that’s exactly the reasoning currently applied to having a website built and a video hung on it’s homepage – when did we start thinking that’s those items alone are supposed to earn us a living?  At what point did we begin to think that business success was redefined and reduced to dripping jokes, videos, and notifications of our whereabouts on Facebook and Twitter?

A website needs to be built with clean code so that it’s ‘read, registered, & retrieved’ by the ‘bots’ – those are the digital devices that are summoned when we type into a search engine such as Google. They then are dispatched to crawl the web for content; they read and report their findings to us and then index or file them for future reference. Clean code and good solid video production elegantly orders this entire process – the site loads rapidly and the ‘visitor’ has a pleasant experience. This online shopper is far more likely to remain on the site and return to it.  Why?  Because they found what they were looking for and not a clap-trap load of everything except what they were shopping for.

Video Is The Most Cost Effective Marketing Tool In The World

Same goes for video – in order that it produce results, generate an ROI, it needs a purpose and plan to publish it.  This is all in the world of search engine optimization (SEO). The best way I know of to ensure this is to have a strategy, in place, before the camera is turned on. That used to be called a ‘script’. It doesn’t matter if it looks like  a shopping list, this is what we may call a ‘shooting script’, but some defined, single focused concept needs to be on the table before you can ever serve up an efficient & effective video.

Video Is The Most Cost Effective Marketing Tool In The World


But let’s talk about that later – for now, let me establish my assertion that if you’ve a product or service that you want to advertise in the online marketplace, then you probably do need video; maybe more than one – so it’s prudent to learn a bit about video production.
Here are a few ‘video factoids’ to think about, and if some of these seem inflated, like a ‘fable’ often is, consider this ‘fact’:  they’re probably far less inflated than they should be.  These statistics are averaged out by taking them from a wide range of recognizable sources who also sell their research…and this information is mostly drawn from the end results that were harvested at the close of 2011.

First question is: ‘Why video?  The obvious reply is: ‘because people love watching, creating, and sharing video!  Video has become the consumer’s choice as a learning device and a shopping tool.

My motto as a scriptwriter, video producer, director and video editor is to:

‘Entertain While You Inform’ & Create ‘Videos That Elevate Perception.’

Continuing on with ‘why video’: Video delivers content on all platforms – it engages an audience while delivering a message.  It’s fun. You can recall, can’t you, all those teachers who taught you by making the learning fun?


  • 800 million unique users visit YouTube each & every month;
  • 4 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube;
  • 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute;
  • YouTube is localized in 53 countries and in 61 languages;
  • in 2011, YouTube had over 1 trillion views;
  • every day millions of viewers subscribe to YouTube channels;

There, now you’ve got something to chew on while. You can also go out and ‘fact check’ my assertions.  Meanwhile I’ll write the next section of this series.

Video Is The Most Cost Effective Marketing Tool In The World

Thank you for reading and I hope you’ll connect with me if you have anything to contribute or perhaps have questions regarding this wonderful tool that video production has become in serving our efforts to advertise and market our products and services.

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