Multi-Media & Video Production

The Story of Silent Night:

Many of us know the origins of the hymn Amazing Grace but far fewer know the story of how one of our most beloved hymns ‘Silent Night’ came to be. Now this is history I wish we had a video production of and there is a reason why I wished we had video… → More

The Story of Silent Night: The Story of Silent Night:

Halloween At Visionary Dance

Why Dance? I first learned to video dancers in traditional schools and then innovated a style of shooting and creating video production that gives the audience an up close and personal experience of the dance and the dancer…the camera is usually racked… → More

Halloween At Visionary Dance Halloween At Visionary Dance

Video Production: Slow Down

Video Production Notes If you spend too much time thinking about this video you’ll probably loose some of your mind doing it! LOL  That’s the idea anyway - slowing down, which is the point of this video conversation or conversion, which ever way… → More

Video Production: Slow Down Video Production: Slow Down

You Made The Difference – Fundraiser

The Place: Mombassa, Kenya - Africa Mission:  Reading Writing & Arithmetic You really have to stretch yourself to experience what a thrill it must be to be in school and be learning the very rudimentary lessons from which all other lessons, both… → More

You Made The Difference – Fundraiser You Made The Difference - Fundraiser


NIGHT ON THE TOWN - Entertainment - out on the town! Original Jumbo Slice LATE NIGHT OpenFATBURGER 24 HOURS DINER DRIVE THRU OPEN 24 HRS HAPPY HOURS Casino CINEMA COCKTAILS What to do & Where to go. Live Calendar… → More


Roast House Coffee Video

Roast House - farm to cup - What Coffee’s in our Cup?… Poverty for Many of Profit for Few? Co-Op Community of Pure Commodity? Coffee is Traded Worldwide as a Commodity… Who You buy it From and How They Bought it… Matters… Community in a Cup?… → More

Roast House Coffee Video Roast House Coffee Video

Tibetan Tea – Natural Energizer!

During the production process of this video I learned volumes about the soft drink industry. Penny had no input into the video production and all that I learned does not appear in the video. Still, knowing so much more now means that the information will soon appear in a video production.

Tibetan Tea – Natural Energizer! Tibetan Tea – Natural Energizer!

Frontier Builders Montana

The Montana Lifestyle is currently one of the most coveted in the USA. Now, to live there, and live in one of these sumptuous, custom, smart homes, has got to be akin to a 'Palace in Paradise' and THAT indeed is an alluring lifestyle.

Frontier Builders Montana Frontier Builders Montana

Jake The Farrier

It comes right out of a The Wild West! The Blacksmith who makes wagon wheels, prison bars, and among other things, shoes horses. Jake is his name and he is, without a doubt, one of the most entertaining entrepreneurs I've ever met. He understands horses like no one else and they understand him!

Jake The Farrier Jake The Farrier


TRANSCRIPT: Dancing For Love - Before ELeni lost her battle… …She danced a Truth for me. I hardly knew Eleni. I knew she was fighting for her life… …and that she made it easy to like & love her. - that she was of Greek decent… …so we formed… → More



Haystacks TRANSCRIPT: Haystacks - bbQ Sandwiches - Burgers - Pies - MEET CHEF ‘HAYSTACK’ - He Was Born Cooking! …Really Into Food!! While Other Kids Were… Playing With The Usual Toys… He Was MAKING His Toys! They Had Their ‘Idols’ - He Had… → More


SEO Video – Production Notes

The opening scene / image tells you exactly what this video sales tool is going to be about.  It displays a hand that has a electrical charge going between the gripping thumb and one of the other fingers.  The electrical charge is in the shape of the… → More

SEO Video – Production Notes SEO Video - Production Notes

Video: The Most Cost Effective Marketing Tool In The World.