Petrushka Pavlovich serves as President at New Media Resources, INC.

Although she can work solo as a Screen Writer, Ghost Writer, Editor, Writing Coach, Media Consultant, Workshop Leader, she can also wear a Producer- Director’s hat and pull together a team of international, freelance Artist’s & Technicians who collaborate on projects. Working remotely through the internet as freelancers, enable them to hold costs down at levels that ‘in house’ production companies find prohibitive.

As Creative Director of New Media Resources, Inc. she puts to use her double Master’s Degree in Screen Writing and Screen Research. She earned her degree in London, England where she lived and worked for over 20 yrs. She’s worked extensively as a ‘Concept Artist’ and excels in developing engaging and effective concepts for branding video production.

She’s written for radio, stage and screen as well as short stories. Bringing this creativity to the production of commercial video introduces an element that is usually lacking in online video: storytelling. Petrushka says that “video, even if it’s only 30 seconds long, must tell a story if it’s to be effective; it must entertain while it informs.” Her philosophy includes the notion that well crafted video is more to do with images and less to do with words. She says that, “images say more than words and often say it better”.  When you stack the cost of video development and it’s implementation along side all other marketing tools, you’ll find it easy to accept the following statement.

‘Video: The Most Cost Effective Marketing Tool In The World’.

Her services as a Creative Media Consultant are frequently engaged. In this capacity she’s hired to research all aspects of a given business which includes what, if any video would be useful and how the video, which she calls a ‘Cyber-Employee’ is to be put to work within the world of Social Media.

Petrushka says that the most exciting aspect of her job is that the worth of video can now be accurately measured. “In today’s Cyber Marketplace, you’re either on the cutting edge or the bleeding edge… you’re the knife or the meat. In other words- you bleed or lead.”