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The Green Screen: Get More4Less

Today we shoot a Green Screen production at Roast House Coffee in Spokane. This is to date, the most cost effective production style I’ve seen. I will be shooting 15-20 mini reels that are bite size, highly digestible, information rich, tidbits. Gee, maybe I should’ve stuck to my passion for cooking instead of script & screen production. Anyway, for those of you who have never seen a green screen set up, drop by and check it out. go to and you’ll find a map for the location. This method of shooting holds costs down by the usual one location set up and then the subject,… or object, can be placed anywhere in the world when you edit it. So, someone asking a question about the harvesting of coffee and the process it travels to get into your cup, can be on the screen as the same time as the coffee plantation and those working on it appears—so presenter in one locale- everyone else in Africa and Latin America!

When these are edited, one will be published each week, not only on the Roast House website, but 6 social media sites and 6 web portals. This tool and strategy is top shelf and difficult to compete with for cost and exposure. It creates hundreds of link-backs to it’s point of inception, where the objective is to entertain while you inform about the entire subject of coffee, and that means more for less. Leave a Comment

Can Viral Video Transform Your Business?

Yes, in a word. The experts tell us that we draw a first impression of each other in seconds..and getting that information to delete from our minds and replace it with new information is next to impossible. Why would video be any different?

You publish it and it’s out there,representing you and you will not be there to buffer the impression it….

-The message.. the offer… the potential sale. The first impression.

Why then do we not consider what the experts tell us when we produce our marketing videos? How many of us understand that your entire business can be distilled into a captivating 60 sec video.

Think of the Joke the public speaker tells to introduce themselves and sometimes the subject they’ll be delivering:

The main information is distilled and delivered in the punch line’. Everyone loves a clever joke that gifts them with a belly laugh.
And, they usually feel very receptive to the teller of the comedic story.

Comedy writers are the best paid writers in the business.
So are the scriptwriters that write good horror.

The best way to be remembered…?
Provide a belly laugh or do something shocking!

Serendipity in the form of surprise is perhaps preferred over shock if it’s your business you’re cultivating!

Having said that, let’s don’t minimize the huge success of the video series called:

‘Will it Blend?” Millions of dollars were made from those video product demos.
They were sent all over the world via YouTube.

That’s the same procedure put to work in the creating of a ‘Viral Video’. All you ever need to do ( tongue in cheek) is to
first really get clear who you are and what you do…

Call this Branding… then get the pulse of what’s going on out there, and distill the essence of your product or service into an entertaining and informative 60 second video (also tongue in cheek!)

Then go and drop the baited lure into a network pond of Social Media who’s demographic is in the market for your product or service.

Let’s put it this way: it helps to have a bit of experience when attempting to produce video like that.
After all, you probably have spent years learning your craft, whatever that be.

Developing a ‘clever & catchy concept’ is a skill set. You can however begin by working within your circles of family, friends, networking communities, and harvest information that will assist you in anchoring down a very specific focus for your viral video. Ask them all sorts of questions. (these questions will be in my next blog- 10 days from now)

Viral Video is a one stop shop to impact your bottom line.

It has to be a video that will keep someone’s attention and deliver the information that they want. Its best if this video is entertaining as well as informative; consider how we learn as children.. this does not require a PhD.

It does, however require more patience and time in the planning than most folks want to give to it.

It’s an art form…and its, undeniably,the most cost effective marketing tool in the world.

Now, if you doubt that, observe yourself when you ask for a referral or when you give one… ‘where’s the best steakhouse , the best happy hour, or the most attractive and affordable venue in town for a wedding? Or the price for a holiday in Hawaii?

Usually, no matter who give the advice or reference, we all still go to the internet.

Here is a simple way to consider if online viral or branding video could help your business:

If you go and do a bit of research on the subject of using video to promote your online business you’ll probably not believe the statistics at first. According to leading experts in the field of analyzing the statistics that guide business planners, you’ll discover that:

– 89% of local shoppers do their shopping first on the internet;
– 93% of them will view a video if one’s there; out of that 93% that view the video,
– 97% of those will click out of the video in less than 10 seconds if it does not prove useful or entertaining.

say there’s 100 people in the room- only 14 of them do not shop online;
once on a website and video is there,
only 7 of these 100 shoppers will not click to view the video,
once viewed, only 3 of 100 people will it longer than 10 secs. if it wasn’t interesting.

Arresting statistics…?

This information was gathered up from several sources, but you can find a lot of these ‘facts’ by visiting the many online sources – the best way to search for these is to simply type in the search field ‘ marketing advertising online video’.

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Socially Conscious Coffee Roaster

RoastHouse CommunityCoffee from petrushka pavlovich on Vimeo.

When it comes to coffee, there is really only one question:
‘Where did it come from and how did it get there?’ prides themselves in providing their coffee to us by first ensuring that the farmers make more selling it to them than to Fair Trade or Direct Market.

Add to this wonderful cup of java, the fact that it is organic and shade grown… not to leave aside that the Roaster is one of the top Coffee Roasters in the country. Join this this local community in their efforts to make the Third Wave Coffee movement the only way to have your JavaJoe and enjoy it too! Leave a Comment

Japanese Garden Meditation

A springtime journey through a Japanese Garden…from dawn to sunset, then the moonlights refection on a dark pond witnesses the candlelit ceremony. Those of you who know something about the Japanese culture will know about it’s obsessions with the understatement. When Japanese Gardens are designed the more accomplished ones obey the time honored tradition by ensuring that no matter where you stand,or what direction you look, you will see and experience all the 5 elements. These gardens are regarded as sources for restoration. The more you know about the philosophy of these gorgeous gardens the richer your experience is. These gardens are in my opinion, one of the loveliest forms of cultural exchange. Although this video is a mere 90 sec. I hope you allow yourself to experience some of the refreshment it offers.

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