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Animated Whiteboard Videos – Why Are They White Hot?

Animated Whiteboard Videos – Why Are They White Hot?
You’ve seen them, those scribbler videos that somehow always seem to grab your attention. They feature a real hand holding a marker or pen which is drawing something on a whiteboard (hence the name whiteboard videos), and you’re inexplicably captured by whatever message is being conveyed.  The ratio of viewers clicking out of these types of videos is very, very, low.  You can determine that from various types of software that monitors and scores user engagement.  Here’s a definition of this type of video that may prove useful:

whiteboard animated explainer video
It’s almost a surreal experience, the captivation, intrigue and suspense that is the nature of these whiteboard videos. And, no surprise, these explainer videos (as they are also called) are now such a hot trend on the internet you’re likely to see them cropping up in more places for a variety of uses.  I’ve even seen them on the big screen featured in commercials before the movie I went to see begins to play.  The production costs for those are very expensive because all the art work is original and custom designed.  This, however, does not mean that you cannot use this production style and still hold the costs down by employing images already drawn.

growth cartoon animated video queen of blog
Those neuroscientists sure know what they’re doing…
Ever since the dawn of man, humans have been drawn to motion. Like cats watching mice or birds, the programmed so deeply within our brain, the instinct will never dissipate. Animation videos take advantage of this instinct by literally almost grabbing hold of the viewer’s attention when the hand with the marker appears on screen. That element goes double for the animated person that begins to speak or the drawing comes alive like a cartoon character and begins a conversation with you by asking you questions that you find yourself mentally responding too!  Getting that mix, just right is what filmmakers know as ‘screen time’.

Dropping one of the balls should not happen…

Good screen-time means that while you are watching the hand either draw, write text and or move images on and off screen, you must have a good mix of these actions so that the viewer can listen to what the voice over is saying, it must be paced so that they are able to take it in, then be able to enjoy the sound effects and or music which must be an element that must not interfere with the over all message of the whiteboard or explainer video.

The viewer must be given time and space to think and engage, respond or interact to what’s on the screen.  If they don’t have this, they’ll either exit by clicking out of the video or continue watching having dropped a ball or two which will mean that the sales tools failed to yield a ‘buy’.  In other words, the rhythm and space you’ve allocated in the video does not easily engage and sustain that to the satisfying end.  The juggling required to comprehend and act on the video sales tool will be almost exclusively set on that simple rule – ‘screen time’. The basic features of these types of quick draw or explainer videos, are an entertaining message that engages the intellect and emotions into a marriage of convenience so that the final delivery is satisfying.  That’s what makes a sale.

explainer whiteboard animated video
SEO savvy videos that have evolved from cartoon technology…
Cartoons date back to a century ago. They were a form of entertainment that is still used today, and are acknowledged, accepted and recognized by every segment of the population. SEO savvy videos take cartoon technology to a new level by utilizing them for various purposes such as explaining a product or service, marketing it,  or certain company or product training and development.
And even better, research shows that this new whiteboard technology grabs the viewer’s attention quickly, maintains it, prompts the viewer to take action, and perhaps best of all, keeps the video’s message implanted in their mind. These explainer videos or whiteboard video production works because, in general, people are tired of static images and boring old ad copy. They want to be entertained, they want to be wowed, they want to feel like a kid again by watching the hand create charming bubble letters and people out of what seems like thin air. Plus, these videos uniquely and ingenuously use the two earliest forms of communication: hand drawn imagery and the human voice.  It’s the oldest and the simplest way to narrate a story.  Everyone loves to hear a story.  That alone is worth thinking about; tell your story.  Consumers have confessed many times to doing business with the person who’s story they know even if their competitor offered the same product or service for less money.  This is something to really pay attention to.

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They don’t cost an arm and a leg…

Although, you might see an arm and a leg compellingly drawn, the cost to produce a whiteboard animation is remarkably much lower than virtually any other type of video. Whether you’re interested in marketing videos, training videos, videos used as vlogs (video used as blogging), webinars, sales video, and others, whiteboard animation videos cost very little, especially when compared to the enormous impact they have on the audience.
Production costs are minimal if you use existing archive content of both still images and traditional video footage as well as line drawings that can be traced into the video production by the quick draw or video scribing software.  Having to hire an artist, someone with the artistic skills to draw original artwork is, for the most part, cost prohibitive.  Unless the video scribe is a production that can effectively be used over and over to market and advertise the company, I usually discourage this type of video production.  When you consider that these days, a video once viewed is usually ‘dumped’.  Once viewed, there’s usually no reason to view it again.  Now if the company can take that same video scribe or explainer video and send it out to fetch in new prospects then spending a lot to create is possibly a good call.

whiteboard animated explainer video
Stand out from the crowd, lead the pack, and leverage yourself against competitors…
With the highest conversion ration of any other type of video, these animations are a big bang for their buck! Think about it, no camera is needed ( if you want traditional video footage as part of the narrative, there are stock houses you can buy from) no real actors, just a script (message) but not to minimize this at all, it has to be a well thought out script if it’s to be successfully communicated. And who better to sell your brand than you and the people who best know your business! You can positively, productively and imaginatively create a video that tells your company’s story, conveying it to the viewer in a compelling way while also driving your message, by drawing it into their brain where it will be retained.  This, by the way, is why animated neon signs are so easily recalled.  They ‘write’ and because we also write, our eyes follow the lines the drawing makes and thus recall easily the form it draws.
Teaching and learning just got a little more fun…
There are so many learning styles. Invariably, in classrooms throughout the world, children fall behind in their education because they’re not being taught to in the style that relates best to them. Learning styles include visual, interpersonal, logical, physical, auditory, verbal, and interpersonal. Most people fall into these three categories: Visual, Auditory, and Physical. The beauty of the whiteboard animation video is that it incorporates these three learning styles flawlessly; ensuring that the message will reach a wider audience and the retention of the message will be high.  Think of the lyrics you cannot forget because you memorized it with music, then add to it a visual image and viola, you have a type of explainer or whiteboard video.  Powerful sales tool and it’s not to be ignored if you want to be competitive.

whiteboard animated video
Whiteboard videos and SEO…
Okay, even though these animation videos have oodles of uses, many companies are using them to not only engage their audience (with hopeful conversion), but to also pump up their SEO marketing. There are still some basics to remember when it comes to your SEO strategies and explainer videos:
1. Know your keywords! This, of course, is the basis for any SEO advertising & marketing campaign.
2. Add those precious keywords to your video via the file name, video title, video description and tags. Remember, (this is crucial) the search engines don’t know what to do with video. They can’t “see” it and it really does nothing for search engines or the arsenal of bots ( electronic reading devices) that are sent out to fetch whatever was typed into the search bar.
3. If you’re uploading your video to YouTube, make sure to use keywords in your video’s content. For accessibility services, YouTube always creates a text based version of videos that are uploaded. This way, your keywords will be “seen” by Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.  You can also ‘beef’ up these scripts by adding additional keyword rich text but stay well within what is actually spoken within the video.  Then publish the video with these scripts.  Tons of SEO value can be gained just by doing that.
Whiteboard animation videos are white hot because people can’t seem to get enough of them. They’re captivating, charming and appeal to everyone’s child-like sense of wonder. Don’t be left behind, they’re also inexpensive and are well worth while for use in any marketing and advertising campaign.  It is now well known that to have one on the home page of your website or available within your social media will do much to convert the viewer to the customer. Leave a Comment

Trending Now – Whiteboard Videos

We produce the classic Branding Video and video commercials. We also create the trendy ‘whiteboard video’ also known as ‘explainer videos’.  You’ve all seen them – first there is a hand writing on a whiteboard, it could be drawing a picture and while this is going on a narrator is telling us a story about the company which could also be about a product or service they provide; using this tool to explain or expound on a special feature of the company instantly creates a connection because it is stepped out and stripped to only essential building blocks. new media resources creates whiteboard video producitons

There could be music, sometimes interesting and engaging sound effects…and you may at times see the hand writing on top of a video. Continue reading Leave a Comment

The Real Value of the Blog

Why Blog?

Good question and the answer will surprise you.  Blogging is the most affordable tool we have access to and what it can do to sell our products & services is rarely exhausted.  Content writing is affordable because you can do it yourself!  If you’re among the many who’d rather stab yourself to death with your pen than write with it, the healthy alternative may be to hire it done.

Hiring a professional content writer, like any other purchase, needs to be selective. It’s good to know what to look for.  Typically, professional content writers are affordable. They’ll know about the mechanics of the Internet and how to write content that is SEO ready and subject savvy.

professional content writer

The Real Value Of The Blog

Almost any blogging content is preferred over not having writing content at all.  There’s a good reason for this.  Your website, from the Internet’s standpoint, does not exists unless it has content that can be read (noticed/ seen), registered, (filed appropriately) and referenced (sends the info out anytime someone looks for it – think referral; the health of our business grows with referrals)    Pictures, photographs, all graphics, diagrams, etc. are not seen unless they are tagged with key word text.

How does it all work?

The internet reads blogs the same way it reads everything else – in a coded language that amounts to a very structured series of 1’s & 0’s .  You’ve probably seen those images or video clips of cascading ‘ones and zeros’.   The ‘electronic readers’ are essentially Digital Robots that are programmed to do very specific jobs These are nicknamed ‘Bots’.  You’ve heard of how the Bots ‘crawl’ or ‘spider’ the Net – that’s ‘Geek speak’ for ‘reading’!  LOL   Bots perform their job perfectly; they go out and read only what they’re sent out to find.  How does that happen?professional content writer blog

What happens when we type in the search bar?

The key words you type into the search bar is a ‘job order’ for the Bots.  Now you know why it’s called the Net.  Remember the 1s & 0s  that is the language, or ‘code’ that the Bots read in…. there are millions of these coded constructs that are combed while the Bots crawl the web looking for what you’ve ask them to search for.  This is why the well-written Blog, the SEO savvy content, is like digital gold!  When that writing content is kept fresh, relevant, and fine-tuned so that it features very specific key words, then there is no better advertising to be had.

It’s best to think of content as a ‘gatekeeper’.  It can pull the Bots in to read and refer to it, or push them away.  Having too many keywords can create an environment that’s called ‘key word stuffing’ and Google will penalize you for this.  The density of the key words, the placement of them on the page… the phrases that naturally belong to that key word have all got to be in their right place.

If I put out food for the Bots, will they come?

Absolutely! In a word – they won’t be able to resist your website.  That’s why Google’s most recent ‘algorithms’ are such good news for anyone who has a limited budget, limited knowledge on search engine marketing and limited time to spend trying to sell a warehouse full of product! LOL

Using Blogging To Pull Traffic

Using Blogging To Pull Traffic Leave a Comment

Light Festival’s & Blogs Should Share This!

Every religious organization and it’s many divisions & every individual’s spiritual experience always references the Light.  I think its the only absolutely unifying experience we can all lay claim to.  How simple is that!  I’ve even been hired to create video productions of Festivals of Light.  Stunning experiences for me. So light is something that irresistibly attracts our eye, that I take is a given.  How do we make our blogs equally irresistible?!

Traveling with Video Camera or Still Camera:

As I traveled the world packing either a still camera or a video camera I eventually came to see that I share in common with all of you a profound love of light.  In fact, I think that’s all I was shooting video of…or taking photographs of. production, light festivals

Most Holy Scriptures wherever they are found, mostly discuss Light.  So during this time of year, in the interests of building more bridges than erecting walls, I conduct my own light festival and invite everyone in – I ask them to light a lamp, a candle, raise the bar in our thoughts and aim at knowing we are united in the production, light festivals

Using the Power of Images in Blog Posts:

This is why I’m posting a few of those images that I am loading up onto my Facebook page in case anyone is reading my blogs!  Now, to even suggest that will give a few the idea that I’m lighting up more than lamps and candles over here!  Not.  Actually, aside from hopefully entertaining you, I’m hoping share some information about blogging.

At least most of us that are using the writing of a blog as a promotional sales tool, we know that unless they ‘look good’ & ‘sound good’ and that has got to be in the first 90 seconds!  How the hell can that be done unless it grabs your attention?blogging light, video production

Blogging with Images & Video on Facebook:

I don’t know if my ‘Light Festival’ campaign that I’m daily loading up onto both my business Facebook pages and my personal Facebook will have any effect at all, but I’m enjoying myself.  It’s the Season of Light and the world is full of festivals that mark some sacred event.  This is another way of saying that if I hitch my wagon to that current star, I could attract some of it’s followers and lend myself and creativity to enhancing it’s presence.light festivals, video production, blogging

Get an Angle & Stick to it when Blogging:

The madness in my method usually works.  What you do is get involved in what ever is the ‘happening’ of the week, then add your personal signature or your companies branding to the conversation.  The conversation, if it engages your niche demographic, will turn that conversation into conversion.  That’s our goal.  To persuade some viewer, win someone over who somehow agrees with our angle on a public conversation or world event, maybe they just like the ‘feel’ of what we’re saying.

When to Post Images & When to Post Video Productions:

We are probably all alike when it comes to the limited time we feel we have to keep up with our businesses and that means our posting to our website blogs and the social media posts, comments, shares, LIKES, etc!   There is simply no time to get it all done and many will read the posts and messages from their family and friends late at night and during Sunday.light festivals, video production, blogging

Rule of Thumb: When to Post a Photograph, a Graphic or a Video Production

When its very busy, like in the immediate ent run up to Christmas, its best to not post video productions, even the ones about Christmas will often get passed by.  Post those videos during Christmas day, or the days following up to the New Year.  Many of us use that Christmas week to ‘catch up’ and sometimes those videos were parked somewhere to be viewed later, especially if the viewer, or Facebook Fan actually knows you!

Video ecards that pertain to the holidays are best posted early on during the seasonal festivities.  When you double up by having those types of videos hosted on your website, then its easy to re-post from time to time into your social productions, blogging with video, blogging with photographs

In short, do a bit of research about good times to post blogs and publish them.  The time that we all now need to count precious has to be effectively invested not thrown into the wind.  Make sure you employ some solid strategies in writing your alt tags when you post your blogs on your websites and think in that same way then you post graphics, quotes, cartoons, photographs onto the social network media.  It’s all about timing and time, of course!  lol