Branding Video: The Ultimate SalesTool

Branding Video is the ultimate advertising and marketing tool; it is a vehicle through which you develop and publish your ‘Brand’. it is the Ferrari of internet vehicles that are affordable. Think of it as an extended TV or Cinema commercial. In 60 seconds, you entertain while you inform your prospect, you tell them about who you are, what you do and why they need to know. Look at Niki’s branding, ‘on the starting block, tense, got to win, going to win, loosing, – not an option.’

And that iconic logo says it all, paired with those images of intense, totally focused athletes. That’s branding and one of the best examples around, but consider how useless it would be if it weren’t published…if we weren’t told what to think and feel about it.

It’s all about emotions; move someone’s emotion and you move them.  The ‘big idea’ is to move them towards you and your product.  Involve them in your brand, invite their input, and thank them for it… but that’s a different subject… that’s a conversation about Social Media.

The commercials aired during the Super Bowl are all about ‘branding’ and they spend millions producing them. With todays access to the internet, you can easily publish your 60 second commercial; how much do you pay for that time? Compare that zero with what you used to pay in hard copy advertisng, bill board, magazine, local papers, brochures, etc. Now you can hire a professional to create a ‘branding video commercial’ and put it onto the world wide web where it wil be seen everywhere and all the time. Let us help you develop your internet commercial today.

Video: The Most Cost Effective Marketing Tool In The World.

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