BrickHouse Massage&Coffee Bar

Brick House-TV/30sec.  Red Stilettos

This is a unique Branding concept /TV commercial, it is one out of a library of 6; promoting the health benefits not only of Massage but having the indulgence of someone serving you hot coffee and a dish of chocolates… Friday night after work! It promotes relaxing as a method to encourage health.  Since there are countless spas, these videos were developed to ‘brand’ The Brick House Massage and Coffee Bar on what makes them unique;  a warm welcoming atmosphere where you are likely to be pampered by being served coffee and hand dipped chocolates… and listen up Ladies, the Server is delicious too!  Carrie Magruder is the owner and she is your local ‘health provider!  After all, massage is the oldest practiced healing art.  They are located in Spokane, Washington.  You owe it to yourself to pay them a visit.

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