Chocolate Day & Night

This was such a good time to produce this video and women really get this poor girls obsession with chocolate! The model is such a find and so suited to this subject matter. When you see her in those bright red rimmed glasses, sitting at her workstation, probably should have been typing or some such, but instead, is sneaking nibbles off a chocolate bar, you’ve got to laugh.

Chocolate Day Night

Later we find her, after the moon has risen, seated in a candlelit restaurant, dressed in evening wear, sipping from a wine glass and still stealing a bite off her chocolate bar. Check out that satisfied, yet somehow sneaky smile that comes over her face once she’s taken that forbidden bite! It seems as if chocolate has become her drug of choice and is intimately connected with her stress management! LOL

Add to this the lyrics of Nina Simone’s, ‘I Put A Spell On You’ and you have a perfectly believable storyline.

Jokes aside, while coffee is the worlds second largest traded commodity after oil, chocolate falls in way up there with them. Chocolate is one of the world’s pleasures and one of it’s largest traded commodities. Think of it; life without chocolate!

Chocolate Day Night Image

Coffee & Chocolate share very similar characteristics not only in the way they grow but in how they acquire a flavour profile. The cultivation, harvesting, and the way these two products are processed can enhance or destroy these nuances. The more elegant and careful this process the more the healthful properties are preserved.

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