Video e-Card

When I lived in London I had several friends in the world of the arts and one of them was the Costume Mistress at London’s National Theatre. About the only time she and I would get to visit was when I’d sit and help her with some sewing. She either created or modified many costumes that you’ve see on the BBC productions… and one of these that I helped her with was from the stage play: ‘Woman in Red’.

Judi Dench was the star and did she look gorgeous in this red silk velvet dress. The silk velvet catches light and reflects it like no other fabric. There is a part in the play where she enters stage left, and pulled behind her… wafting in the breeze ( fans of course) is this stunning red velvet. It brought the house done everytime… she ‘talk sings’ (as it’s called) “Send in the Clowns” . Anyway, those little coats that my Darling Girls are wearing are from remnants taken from that dress when it was altered for another actor.

So this is our ‘claim to fame’. I love Judi Dench’s work. I love it for it’s honesty…. and she is one of the most ‘natural’ people on stage that I’ve ever met.

You are free to send out this card if you like it… let me know if you do, it would be a thrill.

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