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I would like to thank you and your team for the advice, countless hours to get it just right, the incredible logo, and beautiful web design for my company Pete’s PC & Apple Repair. I was somewhat reluctant at the beginning to spend what I considered a major expense for my growing business. You convinced me that having a professional website was not just extra exposure for my business but would provide the basis for customers to find me via the web. I have found this to be very true and a majority of my new customers find me through Google and the internet. I have had nothing but positive comments on the colors and design of my logo and website. People find it warm, friendly, and very professional. This is exactly the feeling I was after when I tried to create a website on my own and was disappointed by the results. I have benefited a great deal from your advice and I look forward to my video where my customers get to see me in action! I would highly recommend you as a professional with great attention to video detail and a great story teller and on top of that a good person. Thank you so much for the rebranding of Pete’s PC & Apple Repair which has brought me many new customers.

Pete Anderson- Owner
Pete’s PC & Apple Repair
Spokane: 509-209-7293

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