$49.99 Video Ecard Send to 10,000

This is a refreshing way to thank your customers and acknowledge their loyalty.  They are not cartoon cards, have no ‘silly’ messages and you can link your website, social media, even put in a code for a special offer, party invitation, online event link, etc.

Since it is no longer cost effective to print and send a calendar or a card… send small token gifts, then this gesture of a ‘Seasonal Greeting Card’ will be a very good option to consider.  It’s affordable with prices beginning at only $49.99 !  For that price you can send them to 10 or 10,000 email recipients.  For $19.99 more you can have your website, social media, and your logo put on the card.  Minimal charges are incurred for each additional link you add… these video ecards  are cyber employees, working tirelessly for you night and day all over the world if you want them to.

You can be assured that if your clients and prospects received one of these they will not so quickly throw them into the trash folder. Especially if you consider putting a coupon code or some useful information about your product or service.  Its been said that ‘its not what you say but how you say it’ …and that is very true when it comes to thanking your client base for their loyalty.

Saying ‘thanks for your business’ and then spamming them with , ‘buy more now’ is not exactly a ‘gift’, BUT sending them one of these elegant cards, and putting a discreet discount voucher, code, useful bits of information about your product and services AT THE SAME TIME as you send the video email ‘thank you ‘ card,…now that’s permission marketing, and will be appreciated.  Give us a call and let’s at least chat for a few minutes to see what one of these digital devices would serve you while you build your business loyalty.

It should be obvious, but in case its not, while forgiving this pedantic comment, those of you small business owners, who are service orientated would really benefit from spending less than $100 to send one of these to each of your customers.  One price for sending 10 or sending 10,000.  Those of you who typically perform annual reviews for your clients would be so rewarded by sending one of these to each of your clients on an annual basis.  If we could calculate what it cost to acquire our clients, we’d probably do more to maintain them.  While we are out in the field hunting for a ‘new’ client, someone else is courting our existing clients. And that is not a ‘scare tactic’. Everyone is shopping at one time or another and when you consider that folks, your clients and mine, are online after hours and on the weekends… shopping, sometimes for what they already have, but a better price..then giving them one of these cards at least 4 times a year is such a minimal investment to maintain them, check in on their current interests, and retain them as your customers.

I can generate a box of 4 of these cards for approx $200; small additional charges are added when you want attachments, hyper links, special messages. That price is only to put your website URL, your email which auto links to a from, your name and phone number.

These cards can also have your personal video greeting inclosed , in fact it can be featured in the video player window.  We can custom design a video using your photos and combine them with our house footage that will enhance your video greeting.  If you go here you will see a demo reel to show one of the many ways you can do this – here’s a link to one, see the MontanaLogHomes  and it demos one of the many ways your stills and our footage can be combined to produce an engaging and informative video.http://261478.myvideotalkstudio.com/streaming/pages

Call us today and discuss your particular needs.

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