Video: The Most Cost Effective Marketing Tool in the World

Each and every day, over a billion of us surf the net and the numbers continue to grow.

19-25 million videos are viewed each month on mobile devices like the iPhone, iPad or equivalent. Considering the massive communication transacted over mobile devices, the forward thinking business owner, is really optioned out and presented with one clear decision to make.

We text, email, send photos, videos, play games, follow sports, view movies and read newspapers; send E-cards and flowers.  Google maps, locate special offers on hotels, happy hours, etc.

As a business owner, you’ve watched effective video sell products particularly if the video is viewed longer than10 seconds!  It must entertain while it informs…and it must deliver a distilled message that leaves a lingering impression.
Put simply, a solid, simple concept should be defined before the camera is turned on. The most effective video involves the viewer in a conversation; it doesn’t demand their attention to a self-serving monologue. It gives before it asks for an order; it engages and delivers something for the privilege of the viewer’s undivided attention.

Video will monetize your business when it’s available on mobile devices and is published with an email strategy that interfaces with social media. Good video pulls traffic to your landing page where the service or product is available for purchase.  Poor video pushes your prospect further away from the sale.

If you’ve decided that adding video to your website, video email campaigns or other online advertising & marketing efforts, but have not moved forward to either create your video or hire a videographer, maybe some of these questions have forestalled your decision:

    • How do I select the right video production company?
    • What should this video production cost me?
    • When should I create my own video and when should I hire a professional?
    • What should I do with the video once it’s produced?
    • Will this video make money for me and will that cost me more?

What kind of video do I need? 

    • Virtual Tour
    • How-To Video
    • Product Demo
    • Branding Video
    • Welcome To My Website Video
    • Talking Head Interview Video
    • A Vlog …and at least a dozen more types of video to choose from.

We can help you through the quagmire. If you’d like to explore options before you finalize a commitment to produce video, we offer a 90 min.- 2 hr. interview/ consultation for a $250 fee. This is returned to you by deducting it from the video production costs.

Once we’ve researched your industry and defined the return on investment (ROI) that video will deliver, we provide a follow-up written report to support your decision making process.
Going through this intelligent investigation will not only inform you of your options, but it’ll leave you feeling more confident when making a decision.

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