Is DotMobi The Next Wave?

Is Your Business dotMobi Ready?

How easily viewed and navigated is your website on a mobile device? Since your customers are ‘on-the-go’ isn’t it a good idea to have your business ‘mobile ready’ to meet that demand?

Third Wave Technology Is Here To Stay;

You’re going to love dotMobi! It’s your website, converted to a touch screen, icon ready format. It provides your customer, with a ‘one tap away’ access to essential information.
If your online information is not dotMobi compliant, then your entire website, formatted for viewing on a computer screen, is now being viewed on the comparatively tiny screen of an iPhone or some other mobile device.
Most people ‘on the go’ don’t really want or need to view your entire website. They don’t want to wait for the whole site to load and then be forced to view it like a room through a keyhole!

Access Information A Thumb Tap Away:

  • The viewer simply taps a picture icon to retrieve specifics like:
  • Tap ‘phone icon’, and it dials the number for you-
  • Tap icon for a map, and a GPS is at your service-
  • Tap ‘email icon’ and the form you need is provided –
  • Tap ‘video’ and voila’ you have your first impression of the company!

Compare this to the usual flicking, scrolling, pinching & spreading fingers, most of us perform to navigate a full website on a mobile device.

Videos on dotMobi Provides SEO on Steroids Especially if it:

  • Engages & entertains the viewer while it informs them about your product, service, or event;
  • Looks good, sounds good and loads well on smart devices, &
  • Is regularly updated with something new to view, to learn, to enjoy!

Let’s face it, our mobile devices are our new toys and nearly everyone watches videos on them.
A big bonus for having a mobile compliant website, is that since the icon ready access is so specific, the load time for these smaller bits of information is much faster.
But this is just the beginning of what a dotMobi can do for your business.

Forward Thinking Business Owners Stay Ahead Of The Curve:

375 million people are on the Internet and over a billion of them surf daily. From the touch of a button on a smart phone, we connect to an entire list of ‘friends’ in our social media networks, we transmit instant messages that contain coupon codes, restaurant reviews, invitations, and even a map equipped with a GPS.

This is Social Media on Steroids.

It’s today’s ‘word of mouth’ and only the reckless business owner would ignore it.

Customer care has never been so important because shoppers share their consumer experiences so readily. They rely on their peer-to-peer messaging and comments far more than on the traditional press or broadcast methods.
We’re all using our mobile devices, like mini remote offices. iPhones, iPads and the like are out selling laptops 4 to 1. It would be a mistake to view this as a fashion-trend and even bigger mistake to ignore it.

Because this is a paradigm shift, and it’s here to stay, our comments here should not be regarded as hype, or a sales tactic to motivate you to ‘hurry-up-buy-here-now-pitch’.
It’s a public service announcement to our current and future customers.

The jet stream that the dotCom wave left and the impact it had in reshaping our lives, is nothing compared to the blur the dotMobi ‘Third Wave Technology’ is going to leave!
Wouldn’t it be easier to catch this wave on the approach with and it’s affordable price than deal with the expensive aftermath of a Tsunami? Running fast to catch up with your competitor is less than elegant both in appearance and procedure.

Why is the dotMobi considered in league with the land rush the dotCom was?

Now learning this tiny bit of information should thrill you;

Intelligent software is now installed in search engines and it recognizes whether the Internet Surfer is searching from a mobile device or a laptop.

Guess what that means? It means that your competitor, who still only has a dotCom website, and may have invested $$$ on strategies to achieve first page placement…but their dotCom website will not show up first in a search conducted from a mobile device if a dotMobi is in place from someone else in that same industry.  If you really want an edge…Get a dotMobi.  Do it today.
(Price for converting your current website to a dotMobi, free domain name registration, and 1 yr of hosting – all for under $600; there after should you wish to have us continue to host your dotMobi, the price is just $12.99 p.m. with discounts available for pre-payment.)

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