Latin Jazz & Easy Living

Spanish guitar plays Latin Jazz easy living, dancing and dining in a romantic city. What a way to unwind!  But wait for the crescendo! A beautifully dressed woman in red, draped over a grand piano. Yes!… dessert is on the menu.

When you know who’s buying what you’re selling, you can focus your video content, use it to brand your product, get it on a hook and dangle it in front of your prospect through strategic video email campaigns! The ‘click through to buy’ statistics often triple when putting video to work as the communicator.

Video has the potential of involving the viewer…. entertain while you inform – that’s the secret. When we ask someone to give us a couple minutes of their time, we ought to give them something for it besides: “buy me”.

Rule of thumb in good video production is to never say what you can show.  Why talk about it if you can illustrate it. In this production we use the concept of a menu, spice it with music and dance and set the metaphor to work by entertaining you while we inform you about our business.

Video is now regarded by the SEO experts  (search engine optimization) as the essential tool in order to garner and maintain market share.

Today’s advertising and marketing techniques are developing very sophisticated and elegant approaches… it involves the potential buyer in a ‘conversation’, after all, who wants to be mugged by their TV ! or yelled at over the Radio?

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