Ethiopian Cuisine

Well crafted Video Production keeps a tight focus on a single concept.

This use of ‘sense’ input gift wraps the message.  Packaging in the advertising & marketing world weighs in heavily regarding the ultimate success or failure of the product.  From first frame it needs to say:

‘You’ll enjoy unwrapping this and what’s in it will delight you!

Online video is usually there to sell something.  When you’re selling, you’re competing;  you single mission is to pull the prospects attention away from everything else, especially from the other guy selling the same thing you are.

Video needs to aim at it’s specific message and stay there. It must:

  • compete for the viewers attention. Everything else in that room has the potential to pull them away from the screen.
  • competes with other stimulation for the senses…
  • compete with other information that floods in on the viewer from all sides.
  • compete with all the experience the viewer may have already had with a similar product or service;

Marketing video needs to promise something from the beginning of the narrative and deliver it by the end; 60-90 seconds.

Using the senses to sell is a proven & market tested technique;  it was successful selling Snake Oil to the Westward & Weary Pioneers and it’s still used to sell their decedents those gorgeous,… brand new, just look at that stunning, Sapphire Blue Cadillac. OMGoodness, did you hear the Bose radio!

And yet, this very basic ‘sensual’ packaging information is often ignored.  Back to our restaurant…

Imaging food in any media is an art form unto itself and there are production houses that specialize in this service.  Our demographic, customer base is local and our budget tight, so we selected a specific style to shoot and display the offering.

Mission: Entice & Inform the Would be Diner; Create a Mood;  we churned and generated interest in the sophisticated cuisine, used the senses, invited the viewer into the kitchen and demoed the cooking;

Personalize: what’s not to like about a restaurant Owner who doubles as the Chef?!

Distinguish & Compete:  So we informed the viewer of a specialty: Gluten Free Teff Bread;

The creation of the Teff Flat Bread is of particular pride to Almaz, the restaurants Owner,  time consuming to create and a special feature when teaching people about a traditional cuisine like Ethiopian;

Letting people know that a gluten free diet is available at this restaurant is a definite plus when it comes to enhancing the advertising & marketing push in the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) part of promotions.  Gluten free diets are currently being prescribed to many patients, with chronic conditions in lieu of no other remedy in sight. There are many studies now harvesting favourable results by omitting gluten from the diet.

Shooting Style:  mirroring the restaurant; ‘Hands On’ – ‘Hand- Held’ /  ‘fly-on-the-wall’ (as in just happened to be there)

Selling the Experience:   Sell the Romance of Exotic Spices from Far Away Places;

Exotic layering of a good spice palate, ‘eye candy’ for sight, ‘aromatic for the nose’ and ‘curiosity for the mind’ of everyone who enjoy learning.  Making all of these available on a menu .  It’s the gift of something new.

Look at the way we began this advertising & marketing video: we introduced this generally unknown cuisine by placing something familiar first frame.  Chopped onions and garlic in on the sizzle!  Everyone will be able to smell that through the video screen.  Next, bright beans and orange carrots… then the spices, the sizzling, a bit of steam, and if you don’t feel hungry, we failed!

Sound Design & Music:  raw cooking sounds, of course, augmented for sensual effect and for those of you that are not only connoisseurs  of fine world cuisines, we used Ehiopian Jazz, now regarded as classical from the 1960’s.  Listen to the distinguishing elements of this elegant narrative never departing from it’s traditional structure, and yet displaying all the feel of contemporary jazz.

This information was just to let you know how carefully these video productions are thought through, because ‘eye candy’ pulls the viewer in…then if this experience is satisfying it becomes so easy to ‘inform’ the client…think of it as ‘gifting’ them with something before ‘asking or demanding’ of them, their attention.  After all, if your video is boring, there are always a thousand others coming down the pipeline.

It would be our pleasure to assist you in crafting a video that will sell whatever you have on offer.

Next my plug for my beloved Clients, something I simply couldn’t resist!

This ethnically rich culture has brought an authentic Ethiopian Cuisine restaurant to Spokane, Wa. It’s location in the Flour Mill makes it not only accessible, but tempting, especially during the lunch hour! You can opt to enjoy your meal with friends and eat as they traditionally do, with their hands from one plate…or you will be provided the usual utensils on request.

Almaz, a native of Ethiopia, is very warm and welcoming and takes great pleasure in sharing information about her homeland and it’s customs.