Wine Notes

If you’re ever on that gorgeous wine tasting tour offered up in plenty in the famed Columbia Valley, call by Forgeron Wine Cellars in Walla Walla, Washington. These vintners are native of France, classically trained in very fine French wine making and it shows up every time! Liquid genius. The blends are so skillfully crafted… seasoned in just the right oak for just the right length of time. Marie Eve, has her hands in every aspect of the process, just as the old school always did. Small batches from small vineyards; they are gaining more and more of a reputation so you’ll need to have your case order in on some of their wines if you want to even get a sniff of it, much less a bottle on your table. I hope you enjoy the superb Voice Over Artistry of Fiona Goldman that we chose for this promotional video. Elegant. Understated and to the point, colour, texture, pacing, shape and content, all hallmarks of years of experience.

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