Wine Tasting Notes


If you ever get to tour the wine cellars in Walla Walla, Wa. make it an absolute must to stop by at Forgeron Wine Cellars. These Vintners are natives of France, and trained as classic wine makers. Some consider their wine  ‘genius in a bottle’. The crafting, blending, and seasoning in burgundy oak finishes as absolute elegance.

The Wall Walla area not only produces the unique climate that grows superb grapes, it’s also home to the famed Walla Walla Sweet Onion.  So sweet they can be eaten like an apple!  Those of you savvy in soils will understand why French Wine Makers would settle here and make wine.  France is also known for ‘French Onion Soup..and those of us who’ve traveled or lived in Europe will not easily forget the ‘Onion Man’ who every autumn, arrives from Paris with his bicycle laden with plaited ropes of gorgeous onions. Literally peddling his wares, door to restaurant door.  The romance of poetry here.  Coming back to the Walla Walla region, that now enjoys a reputation that mystify many is no mystery to those who understand that the soil that makes a great grape for wine also makes the onion for a great soup.

Also in this video take notice of the superb Voice Over Artistry of Fiona Goldman. ‘Old School’- skilled crafting, heard in colour, cadence, texture and mood. Not often heard these days; we sought out Fiona’s skill-set and award winning talent to add the perfection we needed to frame out this audio visual wine tasting video. Here is a link to her site should you wish to sample some of her other work:

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