Frontier Builders Montana

This style of video production I feel is a very effective way to showcase many products and services. It is a series of professionally shot photographs, ordered to specifically showcase what’s being offered. In this instance it’s an award winning contractor who builds the most stunning custom homes anywhere. They are state-of-the-art in every aspect you can imagine! Everything was on the drawing table before they began construction.

  • local materials whenever possible (and almost always they were)
  • smart home technology
  • energy efficient – no ‘green washing’ here
  • beautifully and naturally landscaped, etc.

The reason for producing this informative video slide show was to broadcast to the demographic that typically build vacation homes in Montana, and acquire their business for these superb contractors. They usually come up form California and they often have deep pockets. These custom homes seem very inexpensive to them by contrast to California’s costly property and that’s just the tip of the iceberg when they weigh in the benefits of having Frontier Builders custom design & construct their dream home.


Imagine moving from the dense population of California to a home under the big spacious skies of Montana – arguably one of America’s untamed frontiers! The lifestyle is top of that list and the contrast to the urban city scape and all that it implies, is not often ignored.

We did everything possible to make this video sales tool match the brand they had already established. We took the look of it and replicated it on the lead shot of the video, then we took the logo, crafted it into 3D and animated it. This gave them an opening and a closing, called in the business, an ‘intro & outro’ so that they could use it to book end any other videos they make, thus, holding to their brand.

We used the information we could find on their website to script the info you’ll see displayed over the photographs. We put their many award certificates on the screen that serve as well deserved bragging rites!


It may interest you to know that the other video production you’ll find on this site titled: ‘Montana Builders Promo’ was what inspired them to hire our services. In that video, which is our sales tool to showcase all that you can do with these simple video sales tools. Thoughtfully crafted, these videos sell what people buy…their own feelings! Emotion is what moves a buyer not statistics. Good sales reps know this- sometimes they use this information as power against the prospect and persuade them to buy more than they can afford and things they don’t need.


Put a persuasive tool like an emotive video that sells why they may like to consider purchasing, and bingo, the transaction is a happy one for all! The video we produced showcases a Montana Lifestyle and frankly, when you speak to folks what house they live in is second to the pleasure of a Montana lifestyle.


Have a view of it and see what you feel and think. Beautiful scenery, alluring ambiance, wildlife that you usually see on National Geographic Wildlife shows, walk past your window. Exciting sportsman’s paradise throughout all seasons! Every imaginable activity for all members of the family.whether they are star gazers, hunters, skiers, fishers, wild flower lovers, bird watchers, or butterfly catchers! You name it, Montana and her all embracing skies have it waiting for you.

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