Furniture Repair & Restoration

March 2011
Hi Petrushka, sorry it’s taken us so long to write this review but you’re the blame! I’m not kidding, your online promotions has pushed more work into our door than we’ve had in quite awhile. We’ve noticed that one of the main differences is that when customers arrive with their antique treasures, they don’t seem to have concerns and ask the many questions they used to. When we ask them if they found us online, they ALWAYS say yes. So thank you again Petrushka. You are so fun to work with, can’t wait till you get back over here and do the other videos we’ve planned.

If anyone has any questions about working with this creative nut, give me a call and I’ll fill you in!!

Robbi Bumpus & Susette Swift
Plum Studio
(Custom Furniture Design / Furniture Restoration)
Seattle, WA.

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