Spokane Gluten Free Bakery

To Whom It May Concern:

We hired Petrushka of Fact & Fable Productions to make a new web site and produce video presentations for Michlitch’s new gluten free bakery. Words that come to mind are: focus, drive for excellence, creative, knowledgeable, and helpful in teaching us about the need to understand Social Media. Petrushka worked tirelessly on getting everything just right with an understanding of what we needed that far surpassed even our own understanding of our business. She could see where we needed to be while we who run businesses sometimes have difficultly seeing beyond the daily demands. Her dedication to accomplish what she was hired to do was hindered only by our slowness to understand and to act. We are so pleased with the results of her work that we would highly recommend Petrushka. Check out our new web site http://spokaneglutenfree.com and you can see for yourself Petrushka’s attention to creative detail. She worked so hard behind the scenes we can actually say that she worked harder to promote our business while working for us than we did!

There is a rumor about Petrushka’s drive and determination to produce quality with a budget that is far less than the usual and it’s true! Both Don and I were amazed at how much time she spent shooting the video and the detail she caught. Really she was very interesting to watch work… and even though she’s not on the payroll, we still see her working on assisting us in getting our products in front of consumers. We are so grateful to be working with her and her team.

Spokane Gluten Free Bakery
Joyce & Don Vannoy – Owners

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