The Green Screen: Get More4Less

Today we shoot a Green Screen production at Roast House Coffee in Spokane. This is to date, the most cost effective production style I’ve seen. I will be shooting 15-20 mini reels that are bite size, highly digestible, information rich, tidbits. Gee, maybe I should’ve stuck to my passion for cooking instead of script & screen production. Anyway, for those of you who have never seen a green screen set up, drop by and check it out. go to and you’ll find a map for the location. This method of shooting holds costs down by the usual one location set up and then the subject,… or object, can be placed anywhere in the world when you edit it. So, someone asking a question about the harvesting of coffee and the process it travels to get into your cup, can be on the screen as the same time as the coffee plantation and those working on it appears—so presenter in one locale- everyone else in Africa and Latin America!

When these are edited, one will be published each week, not only on the Roast House website, but 6 social media sites and 6 web portals. This tool and strategy is top shelf and difficult to compete with for cost and exposure. It creates hundreds of link-backs to it’s point of inception, where the objective is to entertain while you inform about the entire subject of coffee, and that means more for less.

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