Is Your Website Mobile Ready?

If you have not provided a mobile friendly option to view your website on then the visitors to your site are having to view it like a room through a keyhole.  We all know the experience:

– first, we waiting for the whole site to load, when it may have only been the phone number, or map we wanted to access, then we flick, scroll, pinch fingers to increase or decrease the size of some feature etc.  Meanwhile we are all on the move…no time for this!  After all, most of us do this smart phone navigation with our thumb!

Advantages to having your website converted to a dotMobi are very practical ones; since smaller bits of information are loaded , load times are faster; remember, you don’t loose your current or dotCom equivalent, you just add a user friendly option to those who want to access your current website via their smart phone.

dotMobi, just like the dotCom land rush -it’s a first come, first serve. Your converted website, into a mobile ready format like dotMobi, positions you before  your competitor in page rank. No matter how much they’ve spent on SEO (Search Engine Optimization), to include but not limited to:

  • Google ads
  • Facebook Blogging
  • Technical Writing
  • Video and Photography, etc. (adding video to your mobile website is like feeding your website and the social networking it’s connected to, steroids.  Win-win, all around.  Your customers will thank you for making it easier to find, read, and view you.

We are offering this service for a one time fee of less than $500. It includes your dotMobi domain, and one year of hosting after which a monthly fee of $12.99 will apply.  There are no long term contracts, you can opt out anytime you wish.






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