This project was developed to launch a fund raising campaign within Kickstarter.


This was a challenging video production due to the lack of understanding that those who ordered it had in the first instance.   I’ll be eager to see how they do, but it is generally understood that Kickstarter is geared to very personal reasons and not so much for this sort of commercial enterprise.  Having said that, it’s not uncommon for them to accept ‘commercial’ enterprises, so we moved forward with the view to appeal to the local community to fund the purchasing of the equipment.


All I had to work with was a shell of a building, which did shoot well!  An empty shell, dark coloured walls but the outside of the building was, in my opinion, charming!  A small brick, stand alone on the fringe part of town that was experiencing development.

There weren’t  many features I could draw on as raw ‘ingredient’ to cook up this persuasive appeal.  The chef was not a showman… the menu, unless you really got into it, was not something to catch the attention of anyone, unless they were hungry or knew something about BBQ.


HOWEVER, the fact that the chef was trained as a Cordon Bleu Pastry Chef and was going to have his (apparently) splendid pies on the menu, was a mouth watering prospect!

I had to somehow capitalize on that point…all the while not really being able to frame him out on video!  The other factor was that these folks put forth such effort in their research when selecting each and every ingredient. Problem with this was, the consuming public, for the most part, had to be educated into even wanting these preferred ingredients!  For the most part they didn’t give a hoot.

How many folks know that just because something is called ‘Angus Beef’ doesn’t mean that it is ‘Certified Angus Beef’?  Further to that, how many consumers know the difference?

How many folks know that a stone ground bun, in effect a pretzel bun, is preferred to the usual bun until they try one?

The best chance they had from pulling attention to the menu was that they would be serving micro brews, mostly from local brewers….but then again, most micro brew fans would be going to the brew houses or a bar!

Anyway, you’ll see from what I did in this video that if there was something to capitalize on I did just that!  When I discovered that Kickstarter typically fund ‘the person’ and not so much the ‘product or service’ I had to scramble to take the raw ingredients (sorry!) and create a personality, not only for the chef, but for the purpose of the new venture.  I have no doubt whatsoever, that if they do manage to pull this together it will not only be a good BBQ place to frequent, it will be the ONLY PLACE to go and have a BBQ and a marvelous slice of fresh, homemade pie!

After all, it’s the BBQ sauce that makes the BBQ and it’s the pastry chef that knows how to bake a pie.

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