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‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ – Inspirational Workshop
The film’s narrative offers a simple equation: take only what you need and leave the rest in the pot for someone else. What would it take from each of us to make this happen and is it even worth tying to create this Utopia?
Since 1946, ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ has been on movie screens and television sets all over the world. Its welcomed, heart warming message is perhaps the most distilled essence of what it means to be functioning and fully alive as a human being…. and yet its technically classified in the ‘fantasy’ genre’.
This classic film presents, for many, an unbelievable ‘heaven on earth’, and yet ‘Christian, as well as other faith based believers pray for this everyday. Could something like the ‘Bedford Falls’ community portrayed in the film actually be re-created in today’s world? Why not?! Many of us watch this movie every year and all of us would like to see this ‘dream come true’ . Well, that’s the big problem solved, …right? We all agree and we all want to help create a loving and supportive environment and live in one. That’s a landslide vote to the better side, right? So what’s the problem?
What exactly would we each need to do to make this happen?
What would happen in our world if we could manifest that ideal of giving? What would happen if ‘money’ was not the centre and circumference of how we define our needs and excesses? How much freer would you feel if the worry of money couldn’t hold back your supplying someone else’s need? Some muse that the sole reason we are here is to learn how to give and how to receive. What do you think?
It seems that all the supply that existed before this worldwide squeeze evidenced itself is still here. If this is true, is our core problem to do with the circulation of this supply?
A major question we seem to be faced with now is: “How much is enough?” When we find the answer to that question we may well find what could be called – ‘human happiness’. Can anyone be happy if what they have is not enough or perceived to be not enough? Can we be happy if we have more than we need and someone within arm’s reach hasn’t the bare essentials.
All Saints Browne’s Addition in Spokane, Washington is hosting an Inspirational Workshop to determine if re-creating the ‘Spirit’, we all love in this classic Hollywood movie, is possible or not. If its not possible, then how do we intend to survive, much less, thrive, in the Pottersville that we default to? Is it too late to turn the tide? Is it too late to run ‘Ole’ Man Potter’ out of town?
join in, throw your heart, your hat or the towel into the ring! On Saturday, November 17th, we’ll meet from 10-5 p.m. Cost for admission is by donations of any multiple of 2: 2 Cents, $2 Dollars, $20 Dollars…..but if you are in financial squeeze then sweep the house till you find ‘The Widow’s Mite’ and that will be enough, not only for you, but for us all!

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