How Retailers Profit From Video #2

Video Marketing is currently the most efficient way to deliver information about your services or products.  High speed connections abound so video streaming, as a form of marketing is hogging market share.  The most obvious place for video is on your website but parking it there with an attitude of  “build it and they will come” is a waste of time and money.  Using video as a Cyber Employee, putting it to work on a custom built landing page, and then applying organized, strategic, email campaigns,. is smart business, right on the money, right on time.

The big idea about video production, is to create an informative and entertaining commercial, that dispenses and publishes your promotional content without alienating viewers.

Millions of new videos are daily uploaded onto Social Media Sites like YouTube, and yet it’s well documented that 97% of video viewers click out of a video if it does not deliver something desirable in less than 10 seconds.  You’ve done that, haven’t you?  Video has to deliver… it has to bring a gift offering, inspire, direct, inform, entertain… it has to do something besides wriggle on the screen!

Companies are beginning to consider every possible way to get these people who socialize through video blogging sites to buy their products or services, and the ‘Stats’ are in… it’s working!  There are many professional companies who gather this information and publish the results.  Most companies would benefit from reading these statistical reports.

Once you get a video produced that’s actually worth watching, let’s compare how cost effective this broadcast method is to dispensing this same information on your local TV Station.

Here are a couple of reasons why video is the leading, online, marketing tool.

Coverage: The World Wide Web

That’s exactly what the Internet is: a market place as wide as the world…anyone plugged into the internet is a potential prospect if you have what they want or need. Can hard copy like newspapers and magazines do that ? !

Video Marketing is the hottest tool available for publishing your services and products but it needs to be the right video.

The younger generation, are cutting off on their other pursuits and spend hours upon hours communicating through online social networks like MySpace and YouTube, FaceBook, Linked-In, etc.

If A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words – What’s Video Worth?

( communicating your message )

Video messaging uses the audio-visual approach, so it’s more effective in getting any message across. It has been scientifically proven that the probability of people remembering any message is higher if the message was received through both sight and hearing.

If your video captures your viewer’s interest, you can expect a call, an order, or a hit on your website.

Video messaging is a form of a personal communication to your target market. You can put video to work in strategic email campaigns and you can accurately measure the results!  Try doing that with the local TV Station or Home Town Newspaper!?  Posting videos on your website is just the beginning.

You can create video instant messages, emails or blogs. It depends on what form of video marketing would be most effective for you.

By Comparison, Costs For Producing Video Are Minimal:

Many Videos can be produced for less money than you can buy a 1/4 page display ad in your local newspaper… and it has this very key advantage: the newspapers or magazines will most liking be put into the trash within a week or a month.

Video ads, on the other hand are viewed by countless people, both near and far, over and over again.

Online video Marketing is not expensive. It’s more economical than print copy or media such as TV and Radio. You spend little for the worldwide market. You don’t need to have millions of dollars just so you can launch an effective and competitive video marketing strategy. This levels the playing field for small and home based businesses.

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