How Retailers Profit From Video #1

Virtually any kind of business can create their own brand of video, upload it to the company’s website or post it on one of the many social media networks. like YouTube, Google, MSN, etc.  They can develop a host of marketing strategies and email campaigns using that video.

The following are some tips on the types of videos that can be made for your marketing:

1-  Brief Tutorials – ‘How to Tips’

An effective technique to attract a loyal viewer-ship is to post a weekly ‘how to video’: The following are some examples of these types of videos:


Suppose you had a short video on ‘how to’ approach insulating your attic… this is not only value added it’s something you are sharing, in essence, giving away, and it’s a ‘give away’ from an expert.


How about a video on tips such as chipping from the rough, playing bunker shots, curing that slice and much more. If you are selling anything golf related, make your own video or team up with your local Golf Pro. This could eventually go ‘viral’

How To Maintain Your Computer And Easily Added Upgrades:

This is music to the ears for those of us who are not in the position to buy new computers.

Fly Fishing:

How about sharing some ‘inside’  tips on fly tying, finding the best fishing places / holes , casting techniques, and much more.

Garden Supplies:

How to save money by re-landscaping your property to suit your climate and comply with the environment and the ‘green movement’ also known as ‘ sustainable living’.

Dog Training:

Video record different training techniques, house training, best foods to feed, alternative health options, what ‘toys’ mean to pack animals and which ones are best and why, etc.

Sports, Recreation or Hobby Markets:

There are many opportunities to upload “how to” type of videos, such as model making, knitting, stained glass, woodworking, sewing, and so forth.

Economical Cooking Tips From a Top Chef That Will  WOW  Your Guests:

Maybe you sell cooking utensils, or teach one of many culinary arts, you can post weekly ‘tricks used by gourmet chefs’, this presents ample opportunity to demo your products and make attractive displays… ‘eye candy’ to promote your sales and classes.

Flower Arranging:

Sending attractive flower arrangements can cost upwards of $40.00  Wholesale markets now sell flowers to the public; Costco is a good example of this and Local Farmer’s Markets have many gardeners selling their surplus flowers. A tight economy makes learning how to artistically create a professional floral display a worthwhile content for a ‘how to’ video.  Each culture has a particular way they arrange flowers.. for example the Ikebana Master, a Japanese Flower Arranger, who uses the least amount of ‘stems’ scores the highest… but the well known ‘English Bouquet’ is a gorgeous and wild arrangement of many ‘stems’; maybe your customers would like to know this..?

Other Types Of  Videos:

Time Saving Tips for Organizing Your Data (CPA);

Contractor: Tips on do It yourself Items around the house;

Some Basic Dance Steps;

How not to embarrass yourself when asked to dance at the wedding.

Making Cosmetics From Your Own Kitchen Ingredients;

Stretching your dollars and still lookin’ good!

Canning Vegetables & or Making Jams & Jellies;

The ‘old fashioned way of gift giving and saving money while you do it.

Cost Saving Tips for Vehicle Maintenance (Mechanic- Auto Shop);

Statistics now in prove that car owners are keeping their vehicles longer and in better shape.

Create Elegant Table Settings From Odds n’ Ends;

Simple Furniture Repair (Cabinetmaker- Furniture Restorer);

Increased numbers of home owners are choosing to ‘re do’ the look of furniture rather than replace it; they are also changing the ‘color’ by reapolstering rather than the costly alternative of replacing the furniture.

Those are just a few examples;

2- Product Comparisons:

Suppose you supply ski equipment you could show the comparisons between different type of skis or boots, it provides free research for the prospect thus saving them time and money.

The audio visual marketplace provides ample opportunity to compare different products or product types; e.g. what are the benefits and advantages of Plasma TV’s vs LCD TV’s?

Fitness Industry:

Compare and contrast the difference between training supplements and assist the viewer in deciding what would best suit them and why? Demonstrate quick, effective, training techniques for muscle maintenance between gym sessions… this is useful for those who travel and do not have access to gym equipment;

Clothing Retailers:

How To Dress Like A Million Dollars When You’re On Minimum Wage.’ Tips n’ Tricks for tweaking your existing wardrobe. ‘How to’ video on what to add to last years garments to appear like this years fashion. Tips on how to dress for your body type.

3- Product User Guides:

Okay, so you’re a Food Retailer; how about some quick n’ easy recipes with in seasonal produce paired with a meat product on sale that week, how to make quick health snacks for the kids, etc; Consistent videos on ‘how to’ whip up nourishing meals in 15 min.

Here’s one that works well in technical marketplaces such as audio-visual and computers. For instance, How to set up your home audio system, what you need to view High definition TV, how to set up a wireless home network.

Service companies can briefly display the benefits of different programs they offer, how to fill out forms, apply for loans or grants, even list what types of papers to bring in at tax time.

FAQ take a tally of the questions that are repeatedly asked… think about it, there are some questions that never go away… like ‘what wine to pair with what’ and make a video that answers these questions for your industry.

Here’s A Tip If You Have New Employees;

Get them together and let them review your FAQ video, so they know the answers to the most common questions your customers have. Now you have a dual purpose video… educating your staff and your clients.

4- So,…How Do You Make Your Product?

Sometimes people just what to know how its made… if you are a winery, how does the wine get in the bottles, a coffee house – how does the coffee get roasted?   Short videos can provide mini-tours of your facility giving insight on how things are made.

5- Funny Clips – Comic Relief:

Amusing tid-bits around the subject of your business – for example a coffee shop may want to do a donut relay race with the customers for a good cause… that little video would illustrate that you get involved with your customers and have fun, and support the community.

6- Community:

If your business participates in volunteer activities, make short video clips of the events. It is a form of entertainment and shows that you are engaged in your community. If you have a booth at the fair, sponsor a race and you and/or your employees enter in it, etc.

Those are just a few examples of how to use video to increase your exposure and add to your companies bottom line… I hope this list supports your interest in using video for your company’s online promotional efforts.  I’d like to hear about your ideas;  why not add to these and send them in to me?

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