Will Videos Grow My Business?

Key Reasons for Producing Marketing Videos:

Image Management:

Internet Video is the most cost effective way to promote your product and publish your brand; -you can mold the way your business looks on screen and maintain it’s branding;
You are in complete control of it. Completely!  I can not think of another place, anywhere, where you have this amount of control.  Learning to utilize this and then work it within your Social Networks, like Facebook is the best friend to have if you’ve limited resources to spend on Internet advertising and marketing.


Video, above all sells this and is probably the single factor that has made it so successful.  You view when you want to, where you want to and on a variety of mobile devices as well as your laptop.  Sending a video that can be viewed at the leisure of the viewer is not interrupting the client. You then send the video to whomever, wherever, anytime you choose to. Video sells this convenience. as a benefit… added value.

Sales Process is Fast Forwarded:

Strategic video is lean, the fat is out of most other forms of marketing and advertising campaigns. The most essential information is delivered to the prospect and this is why it inspires the ‘conversion rates’ it does. If it’s carefully crafted, if it entertains while it informs, it will inspire a sale.  Every company out there, especially small to medium sized businesses needs to minimize their marketing expense and maximize their investment.

Reduces Overheads:

Traveling is expensive, sending you or your sales personal to present to remote clients and or those who connect with you to do business is almost out of the question. Today most companies are struggling to just keep the doors open. Video emails with presentations are so very cost effective, and also brings into play all of the above as selling the ‘benefits’.

Social Media Networking:

Having professionally crafted video to publish your brand, and posting it everywhere is like putting a ‘Cyber Employee’ out to work 24/7.  Imagine the benefits of video on your Facebook page for example, when someone clicks ‘like’ or sends it to their contact list, your video spreads effortlessly throughout the internet. YouTube and other web portals are free places to post your video(s).  We don’t believe that a better price for publishing your brand, offering a new product, posting a ‘how to’ video for your ‘product launch’ can be found.

Conclusion: Video Is The Most Cost Effective Marketing Tool In The World:

This is our conviction and we’re sticking to it!  NOW go and have some fun in developing your videos, there are plenty of places on the internet that offer support for producing ‘in-house’ videos. Alternatively, hire us as either consultants to advise you on what sort of video you need to publish, or collaborate with you in creating one.

We also offer generic,(footage & stills drawn from our archive ) professionally crafted videos, specific to your industry that you can bookend (start & end) your ‘in-house’/ self produced videos with. These  ‘intros & outros’ can include your logo and having them in place will anchor your brand and lend credibility to your message.

It’s a very cost effective way to publish video that you create on, say a weekly or monthly basis, and yet the permanent feature of a professional opening and closing to each and every one of your videos, just keeps you in front of not only your clients and prospects, but it keeps you ‘Ahead of the Curve’.
A Consultation Fee of $250 buys you upto 90 minutes of our time and expertise and comes with printed support materials.

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