Legacies – Obituaries & Life Tributes

This will surprise you. It’s a video created for LegacyObituaries.com. Probably not quite what you’d expect to see promoting this sort of online service.

They believe that a life is worth more than the publishing of the birth & death dates so they created this special place for those that are celebrating and want to share ‘stories’, remembrances, about someone who was special in their life.

Contributors are invited to share stories about the triumphs & tragedies of the deceased Mostly they’re encouraged to record how this special person impacted their life.

‘Life’ is that ongoing event that happens in between the birth & death date.  Typically that is what we publish in the Obit column of the local newspaper. It often records everything except the real ‘life story’… the narrative.

What we wanted to encourage was the ‘telling of the story’;  when you met and how; if the bereaved are not family, the story of ‘chance’ meeting, developing relationships, the valley of it, the mountain top view and all the journey in between. When you think about it, we become eternal when we live on in the stories that those we leave behind tell about us.  Many indigenous cultures hold sacred the oral traditions they’ve developed in the way they record history. I find much of the African traditional story telling charming.  For example, they will designate a day ‘of the horn ‘, or the ‘day of the red monkey’ or ‘ the yellow fish  and blue flower’;  then they stack the day they name designate with a narrative.  Charming. Absolutely charming.  I’ll come back to this entry and post one of those historical chapters as echoed in one of these ancient narratives… I haven’t quite got this down here for you. Suffice to say, we live on in the stories they will tell of us and those we’ve loved now live in the memories and stories we tell of them.

Surely the telling of the ‘story’ is the proper send off for any of us.  This video was created to encourage that story sharing process.  In essence, this video is a branding video to speak to the purpose of the online obituary legacy website.