It’s A Wonderful Life – Day Workshop

The town & community of Bedford Falls, featured in the all time holiday favourite film, ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ build their community a brick & a board at a time.  During our workshop we’ll discuss how that happened, why and question whether we can too.  Having said that, its appropriate to note that this film is classified in the category of  ‘fantasy’.

The question then that presents itself is whether this ‘utopian’ community is even possible to build in our time especially considering our economic squeeze. Although the films first release was in 1946, the storyline plays out during the very beginning of the depression of the 1930’s.

In delivering this workshop I have called it ‘The Lord’s Prayer Incarnate’.  I also do a similar treatment using ‘A Christmas Carole’  &  ‘The Wizard Of Oz’.  I do not believe I personally know of anyone who has not seen those three films. How about you?  As a writer, the love that the viewer typically has for these productions is compelling not to mention how enduring they’ve proved.  So what’s the magic?

When this film was first released, it was targeted by the FBI as a “communistic plot’ since it vilified Mr. Potter who was noted by the FBI as being a ‘Scrooge like character’.   I find that hilarious! In fact the Producer and lead characters were put on a watch list.

Since this workshop is probably going to be attended by mostly the ‘faith based community’ they’ll be invited to entertain the idea that if they deem the ‘Bedford Falls’ community as ‘utopian’ then why do they recite ‘The Lord’s Prayer’?  In fact, they pray for this to become a reality.  Is there a difference between the ‘hoped for ‘ outcome of the Lord’s Prayer and the community in Bedford Falls?

The next question this assumption defaults to is: ‘Do we believe that we could actually work to establish this sort of ‘give n’ take’ community…. could we only take what we need and leave the rest in the pot for someone else?

Come to this workshop and put in your two cents worth. We’ll have a fire going, it’s a ‘Pot Luck’ so bring a little something to share. It’s offered on a donation basis  (when you watch the above clip, you’ll learn that the richest man in town only had $2 left!)

Donations for the day long workshop 10-5 is any multiple of two.  Two cents, two dollars, twenty dollars, and if you’re in a tight bind, then sweep the house and find the ‘Widow’s Mite’  that, above all else will be cherished as will your company.

Whatever you’ve the spirit to contribute will be gratefully received and each and every penny will counted.


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