Keeping The Lights On

I will not be shooting a video production this year during the Holiday Season.  I suppose I’ve got enough footage to edit and unless I live to be at least 200 years old, I don’t stand a chance of getting all of this video footage logged, much less edited.  There are so many concepts for both online advertising and feature length that I’d like to complete.  Common problem among us all, especially those working with and using their creativity to earn a living and always in short supply of the time required to complete personal, not paying work.

So I suppose its to be expected that the older I get the more I think about light. Not only is ‘light’ an absolutely essential ingredient for my work as a video producer or photographer, but it is what I am very mindful for my soul.  My spiritual stirrings only increases as I age.

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I find myself thinking about the 8 lane traffic, both oncoming and in my rear view mirror, of change. Speed. And just ‘change’ for the sake of change.  Most of it does not seem to be for progress but rather when honestly looked at, its really just a process.  I think to myself that process is not progress no matter how many times that’s spent to make it seem like we’re going somewhere.  So I’ve opted to do what seems to me to be the most trying and important task – keeping the light on.  As many lights as I can help to kindle, or to breath on the spark asleep in the embers, or to shelter a fragile flame from a wild wind.  It’s a beautiful task to be busy with and it matters to me.  Great jobs worth, you could say.  Not much luck or purpose for trying to produce a video production about that! LOL  Its not as though its a light you can see with your eyes and yet, one glimpse of that extraordinary Light, shinning out from someone and you just know!  You love it and you love them.Spiritual Light, Video Production , SEO Blog

The Christmas Festivities becomes both easier and more difficult at the same time.  It’s easier for me because the reason for it is clear to me and it becomes more difficult because I’ve become more conscious of what madness seems to cling to the celebration of it!  I just can’t help but wonder how the hell a child processes this mixing and mingling of The Nativity and the mad shopper!  Its hilarious in a sick sort of way.  Not so funny however is the ever encroaching of the Christmas Shopping madness taking over the more modest festivities of Thanksgiving.  This year was the very first time I heard of the many shops being opened on Thanksgiving Day…and some of them opened up their ‘Black Friday’ shopping.  (remind me to tell you about the time I was hired to shoot video footage of some shopping madness..and then the video production was used in a college level psychology class.  Please. Well, you’ve got to admit there’s a hell of a lot to learn from watching production nativity

Getting back to Light…the Light within – have a look at this image of a Nativity Scene.  I adore this and you know why?  Because an inmate carved it from a match box.  Imagine doing life in prison.  Looking at this piece of poignant art somehow tells me that that inmate has his Light on.  Mrs. Mary Baker Eddy has a quote that comes to mind when I see this lovely and endearing statement: (can’t recall it word perfect but it goes something like this:  ‘Light glints from the church dome, glances into the prison door, glides into the sick chamber, blesses the earth, beautifies the landscape..”  can’t recall what else…but note the words, ‘glints’ , glides,  glances.  Very interesting and having so much depth. Point if, light is everywhere present, and when we decide to see it in everyone and in every situation, the brightness of this light will become more and more apparent. And then perhaps we’ll back to the basics.  Christ Light & The Spiritual Gift of an awareness of our connectivity – our inseparable unity to one another and our ultimate Source of True production with blogs

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