‘Lady Godiva’ Puts A Spell On You

A recent article on the health benefits of chocolate suggests that an overdose of it may have inspired Lady Godiva’s infamous ride. Current studies conclude that sufficient consumption of this ‘goddess nectar’ could indeed cause a perfectly normal woman to mount a horse,…butt naked mind you, and take a midnight ride through town. Well,… a ‘girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do….you get my drift.

Godiva, in a word, and one of the few words that truly describe chocolate. Chocolate is one of the worlds most loved foods and is a known panacea for many a woman’s blues!
Smooth, dark, rich and creamy chocolate provides a powerful nutritive pack that we’re still learning about. The quality, however, and it’s nutritional benefits hinges on how and where it’s cultivated, harvested, and processed.

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