Late Night Dining

This video demonstrates how effective it is to create an engaging ‘experience’ and let that sell your product or service.  We buy into what makes us feel good either about ourselves, the world we live in, or the ‘feel good factor’ derived from something that ‘solves’ a problem we may have. Video production Spokane

Using the metaphor of a bridge and featuring a series of iconic landmarks, this fast paced video travels world wide and sells the experience of going downtown and having a good time.  If you own a restaurant, provide catering, own a casino or have limousines for hire, this type of video would go a long ways to selling the experience connected to those products and services. 

Instead of telling your prospect –  we have great food, good music, and a fun city to be out in, you show them the experience.  It is an invitation, and if it’s executed well, the RSVP is irresistible.

Internet video is the most cost effective marketing tool in the world.  Online, all the time, providing a ‘solution’ to someone’s problem or an ‘answer’ to their question, video is the marketing tool of choice. Wouldn’t it be good to surprise your prospects with an entertaining video that informs them about your company?

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