Montana Builders Promo

This video production was produced to show off some of the things we can do o promote your business… to sell your product or service.

We took stills (photographs and video footage from our archive) and assembled them to sell the experience of a Montana Lifestyle.

We built an experience for the viewer, who we hope is a shopper, of what it ‘feels’ like to live under the spacious skies of Montana. We endeavoured to sell the feeling of being surrounded by untamed wildlife, the pleasure of a sportsmen’s paradise, the simple joy of a well crafted home…all the way up the ladder to custom palace built for a Prince with a sizable pocket!

Port Angeles Log Home

We generated a dream and made the viewer that they too cold live there whether Prince or Pauper. Nature is Gods’s gift to us all. It teaches, leads and chides us to go higher and make peace with ourselves and the world we find our selves in.

This type of video can be generated for anyone with anything to sell! The combination of music, script, images and motion graphics, combine as one to entice the viewer to slow down and consider what’s on offer.


We are happy to hear from you and create for you a video production to sell your product or service. We are affordable because we can take your branding, your logo and tagline, and let it guide us to create a video for you.

Video production, combined with a demographic to create it for, a strategic campaign to ensure it goes out as a cyber employee and does the job it’s allocated is one of the most cost effective ways to sell product and services known. Some say it’s the world’s more cost effective tool when it comes to the job of internet sales. Now more than ever I would agree because we have thousands of video clips to draw from and this means that you don’t have to absorb the hard costs of someone coming out to shoot specific video footage in order to have a custom video created.


You can, of course, hire us to do this…. produce specific footage, but it’s wise to first explore if you could accomplish what you need by putting stock video to work. There are some very good reasons for this; when you consider the public’s appetite for videos, the sort of attitude that many of us have, ‘view it and then on to the next video’ well, that’s like the paper dixie cup of yesteryear. It’s rare that folks come back to view a video more than once. So, that being the case, why spend unnecessary money on original, custom video footage if you can only use it once in awhile? Why not stretch our budget and have many generic videos created around your industry?

That way they can be recycled. You have your logo and tagline inserted, a special message to your clients and or prospects, You can provide still photographs and teh more professional the better…the more they capture the essence of you, the better the results. These can be included into professionally shot video and other still shots and create a uniquely you video production that you can be proud of and use to promote your business.


Shop smart! Think of it like ‘time share’; many share in the costs of keeping a holiday vacation home up, smart and ready…then they take turns booking time to stay in it. This, in a way is like a company using video footage that expresses the essence of your product or service but does not included exact shots of your premises. That exact image you can add by having us hire for you, or you hire a professional photographer. The photographer can take shots of your staff, your product or the place whee you perform most of your services. Those images, plus your logo and tagline, a message, etc. help to cultivate an online presence.

We also provide a video email campaign that targets a very specific demographic. These assertive email campaigns can do so much for your promotions.

Video is top dog in the world of advertising & marketing and given the lesser tendency for the consuming public to read, preferring rathe to view… we feel the smart marketer puts this first on the list of adverting options.

Let us know if we can explain this in more depth or help you come to some decisions in your journey of discovering the many internet options now available to make your job easier when it comes to selling your services.

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