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Video: The Most Cost Effective Marketing Tool In The World

Video Newsletters are the hottest ticket item when it comes to getting attention to whatever your selling…and that’s because its not only

  • a report with useful information that your customer can use, maybe includes a
  • discount coupon, or
  • invitation to some special event – whatever, it has the essential ingredient and that is video.
  • recent photographs;
  • video that is a solid sales tool

The experts who measure the online stats night and day, all over the world, for every concievable product and service, note that while ‘content on your site, social media, etc, while ‘content is king’  ‘video is king of content’.  Why do you suppose Google spent that outrageous fortune to purchase YouTube!  Surely you don’t think it was because they love watching our videos, do you! LOL   NO!  They knew the place video would occupy in the market place and so they purchased something that everyone was delighted in, that being YouTube, and if you’re watching carefully, you’ll see that they are now occupying that territory inch by inch.  Not so very long ago, you could ‘x’ out of a commercial that rolled up over the video before it began to, they sell the advertising space to popular videos and call them ‘featured’.  Its a video that we want to watch, this they know because no one is asleep at the wheel in Google or YouTube, so they monitor it then an entire sales staff go after the potential companies who need to sell their products and services..and they strategically place their commercial right on the video that you want to watch.

Video: The Most Cost Effective Marketing Tool In The World

Good news is this: if you create an entertaining and informative video, how much more likely are you to have that viewer watch it thru?  The video newsletter is not youtube or google; it’s better: it’s in front of your client or customer…somehow they’ve been interested enough in you and your services to grant you permission to send one to them.  If the person that views the video on the newsletter, and better yet, finds it interesting enough to actually read the thing..then you also have a front row seat to entertain and hopefully inform that new prospect about how you may assist them in solving a problem.

You become a solution to a problem they have; you are the supply to their demand.  It’s wonderful…and it all happens in cyberspace.  When they pick up their laptops and type www. where in the world do I want to go now dot com ..they can find you…but only if you’ve made it your business to understand some of the world of SEO, search engine optimization.  We also offer that service and to take a video, put on a strategic drip of steroids called SEO, then drop it into these appealing video newsletters, think of it!  Hands down a hot ticket item for selling your services and moving your product off of the shelf.

Good video production accomplishes the same tasks that a teacher does in the classroom; it informs while it entertains. Think of it, when you recall memorable teachers and consider why they come to mind, its usually because they were fun! When they were teaching you, they would entertain you with stories or somehow make the learning process enjoyable.  Same applies here for video production, if you can sell a product or service without appearing to ‘directly’ do so, the decision to buy is an enjoyable one.

Video: The Most Cost Effective Marketing Tool In The World

The video newsletters we’re offering are not like the examples you’ve seen from the much famed ‘Constant Contact’.  These are not text forward, they cut and lead with video.  Have you read any of the more recent reports setting out the harvested statics on what the average viewer is doing when they receive emails?  or when they come upon a website? Not much mystery is involved in the findings. The person surfing online is very often shopping and they are basically looking for a commercial that will easily explain and demonstrate the product or service to them.  Typically, they would rather not read. They rather view a short and straight to the point video. If it happens to entertain them at the same time, all the better, not only for them, but for you because the stats prove that the likelihood of their leaving before the video is finished playing is not a concern.

There are several stats worth noting:

  • the over all consensus is that they want control over when they play the video – so auto start is out. Reasons for this have to do with their sometimes being in company and not having a head set on.
  • they like pictures to tell the story and only like small portions of text on the screen;
  • they usually like to know how long the video is before they begin playing it;
  • they are not particular or excessively critical of how the content is produced so long as it does not take them on a merry-go-round with not destination in view! Good to note that when subject in the video has lobster red or chartreuse coloured skin, its distracting! LOL
  • they especially like the sound levels to be ‘medium’ and not fluctuate in the extremes;
  • they don’t like to have to work at understanding what should be clear in the video – for example, when its a product demo, they don’t mind the video being a bit longer in order to really show what the product can do.

Those are just a few pointers to keep in mind while you produce your own videos.  In the interest of keeping attention on your website and pulling traffic to whatever it is that you are selling…getting a bit out of the box..or slightly edgy, is seen as a good ploy.  The consumer respects someone who gets a bit out of their comfort zone; think of it this way, it’s like you jump in the pool and then let them know that the water is not too come on in.

Video: The Most Cost Effective Marketing Tool In The World

Here at Fact & Fable Productions, we offer a very affordable ‘slide show video’ that can serve to satisfy many of your marketing and advertising purposes including, featuring them in these newsletters.

Give us a call and let’s discuss your options.  509.280.7188  We’ll be happy to get you up to speed regarding what’s working and why, this then will arm you with some tools so that whatever you decide to do, you’ve made a decision from a position of strength.




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