Lingerie Photography

Lingerie Photography

Choosing the right boudoir photographer for your lingerie photography session will be the difference between photos you like and photos that you love! The average boudoir photographer is going to use high-quality equipment for your photoshoot and has all of the makeup, the studio, and the props that you need. Still, not all boudoir photographers are created equally! Only the most experienced lingerie photographers know the best methods, hacks, and tips to create stunning, super-sex lingerie photos.

What are some examples of these methods, hacks, and tips? Let's cover a few of the common mistakes that are made by inexperienced photographers and how they can adversely affect your photos.

Go Ahead, Mess Up that Bed

To begin with, if you are using a bed in your shoot, your photographer might be inclined to leave the bed freshly made in the photos. The idea is that the bed looks clean and luxurious, which is appealing to the eye. In reality, a messy bed is going to look a lot better in your lingerie photos because the bed will look like a good time has just been had there!

How Should I Look at this?

In their vain attempt to put their "artistic side" to good use, many inexperienced lingerie photographers will take all sorts of crazy shots from weird angles. However, taking pictures from a tilted angle results in photos where the viewer can't tell if the image should be horizontal or vertical. This might seem like a rather small issue, but it can be distracting and greatly affect the quality of your photos. All photos should be taken with the lens straight-on.

What's She Looking at?

Another mistake that is often made by inexperienced lingerie photographers in Los Angels is taking pictures of their clients with a blank expression staring off into the distance. These types of images are commonly taken in an attempt to capture the natural mysteriousness that every woman has. However, these photos usually result in the viewer of the picture wondering, "What on earth is she looking at!" It lingerie photography, it's always best if the woman looks like she sees something that she desires. Again, this might seem like a subtle detail, but it can make a huge difference in the quality of your photos. Only an experienced photographer is going to notice these seemingly minute yet important details.

Make Good Use of Your Hands

The best lingerie photos tell half of the story. The other half of the story is left for the viewer's imagination. Often, photographers will have women place their hands by their sides, on their heads, or in other weird positions that have no meaning. This can wind up being a huge distraction in the photo. The positioning of the hands is hugely important in lingerie photography.

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Lingerie Photography

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