Wholesale Thermal camera

Wholesale Thermal camera

Countries have proven that it's possible to minimize the spread of the novel coronavirus by putting in place strict protective measures as they try to keep the economy going. Moreover, the World Health Organization has recommended temperature screening in public areas and workplaces. This is where thermal cameras come in, as they help to detect elevated human temperatures.

Thermal cameras are crucial to keep open or re-open businesses, construction sites, factories, and any other facility. Visitors, customers, and staff need to have temperatures checked to assist in the containment of the virus. Our solutions at Thermal Scan Camera, which include wholesale thermal camera, are completely privacy compliant— they store the temperature data but not personal information.

How Thermal Cameras Are Helping to Slow The COVID-19 Epidemic

WHO declared coronavirus a global pandemic on 11th March, and the world is working night and day to slow its spread. Flattening the curve means employing protective measures to relieve pressure as much as possible on the healthcare system and avoid further deaths.

Since a COVID-19 vaccine is nowhere in sight, the other ways to slow down the viral spread is by reducing its exposure. Introducing temperature screenings in businesses, malls, airports, hospitals, transportation ports, and hubs, among other locales, goes a long way in reducing the pace of the spread.

Together with other clinical diagnostic processes, thermal cameras are quite efficient in temperature screenings. The cameras detect increased skin temperatures and alert of a possible presence of fever. The fever, which could either be corona virus-related or because of an underlying cause, can then be verified with more tests.

Benefits of Thermal Camera Screening

The following are the benefits of using thermal cameras on your premises:

  • Non-contact – People don't need to be touched for screening, thus ensuring that social distancing is maintained.
  • High-Accuracy – Thermal camera readings have tight margin errors when delivering temperature readings.
  • Allows your security officers to scan many people as they enter your premises.
  • Alerts the necessary authorities when an individual with raised temperatures is identified.
  • Temperature elevations are detected and displayed in real-time.

Screening for fevers, which is one of the symptoms of the contagious disease, helps protect public health.

Screening for COVID-19

Screening for the novel coronavirus involves the following:

  • The camera monitors people remotely as they go through the entrances to buildings
  • Security personnel receive automatic alerts or observe the color variations on a screen when an individual shows an increased body temperature.
  • Security then directs the person with elevated body temperature to a different area for proper screening and testing by qualified professionals.

Although security technology can’t prevent infections, it can certainly reduce its spread. Thermal cameras provide an effective and non-invasive way of testing large numbers of people for fever—a symptom of the coronavirus.

Using Technology for Screening

Installing our wholesale thermal camera could save lives. One of the earliest symptoms of COVID-19 is higher temperatures. As such, these cameras offer an early indication that a person may be possibly infected. This will help in ascertaining if, indeed, they have the virus, and that will prevent them from spreading the disease to others. For thermal camera solutions for your business, get in touch with us today on 1-866-669-3669.

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Wholesale Thermal camera
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