This video was not as easy to produce as it seems! First of all, to get this much excitement out of the two towns it features you’d have to get most of the nightly activity into a couple of rooms, all at once and then pump up the volume!


Actually all that I’ve put in this video production is true and does happen as featured. I have however, as is the customary way in producing a trailer, I’ve compressed it all together. Leaving all of that aside..if this video made you want to go out on the town then the mission was accomplished.

Something about neon lights, delicious food and colourful drinks bring out the night time crawler in most of us. The company that needed this sells a directory that is constantly updated and posts happy hours, restaurant features, whatever is on stage be it music or a play or the gib screen. A one stop shop on where to go and what to do. Very handy when you think of how much time you’d spend researching all of this info.


Using the fast jazzy fiddle is my contribution to step it up – joyous! Video production when its well crafted, first locates the specific emotion it needs to action for the sale, stirs it up and directs it towards action. I don’t believe you need to say anything – like ‘buy now’ , first 10 people get 25% off first 5 burgers, or hurry, quick, get two for one!
Most folks are fed up with that sort of pitch. But you can be sure that if it is still in profuse use then I’m wrong and its still working! LOL

I wonder what you thought about the Jazzy lower thirds that were added to spice up the presentation..and the colour palette was also chosen to not overwhelm the subject but to ‘frame’ it as in nightlife. What do you think?

I kept in my mind one idea when I was developing this video production:

  • when folks go out its to shake off what they had when they were indoors;
  • they want someone else’s’ cooking, live music rather than canned, a good story up on a screen that they can escape into, a stage play that is thrilling because the actors are right in the room with them. So I tried with my limited footage and images to stimulate the resonance with the person who really wants to go out on the town! Video is magic that way. Its a delivery system, a promise of what is waiting for you if you respond to the call to action.

Competition for customers be it to a restaurant, bar, theatre, concert, is tougher than ever. If you’ve any doubts about that, all you have to do is drive down the main drag of most any city in America and you’ll see the ‘for sale by owner’, lease to own, all offers considered – that signage is now everywhere. Having watched so many restaurants, in particular have to shut their doors, begs the question: “why open one at all!?”


It takes constant promotion to keep one open. When you turn the clock back and look at which ones opened and stayed opened, the formula is fairly straight forward and mostly ignored today; I don’t know why. Here it is, as I’ve seen it for anyone who’s listening:

  • small venue – so that folks have to book or stand in line to get in;
  • small menu with a specific signature – call it Branded Cuisine!
  • family run; labour is cheaper and usually more dependable;
  • set hours that limit exposure and cultivate a dependable clientele;
  • someone to go out and publish that branded cuisine! Attend network meetings, develop the restaurant for ‘small group affairs’ And don’t forget the ’bird in hand that’s right across the street, next door or down the road!

That’s what ALWAYS worked. Some of those small intimate dives had movie stars queuing to get in… think about it. Spending less money on the decor and more attention to the menu, now that’s a business plan. Anyway, where was I? Oh, yes, creating the video… to brand and to publish the good news about a product or service and specifically in this subject, nightlife.


Well, if it were a sandwich, you’d spend the money on the meat in between the slices of bread and less on the the bread. Same goes with video. Think CONTENT and less about FORM. Get those hand held reviews of ‘what did you think about that meal, or that play, or did you have a good time tonight!? Get those up onto your review page…lots of them all over the internet. Inexpensive to produce, fun, is in and of itself a form of ‘customer care’ and we all need more of that. Creating videos is a form of networking, it is itself ‘social networking’!

If you’ve any ideas or comments to this semi rant of mine, hook up with me and let me hear it – I’d like that.


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