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Online Video Coaching ServiceYour Online Video Presentation Coach
We all know that first impressions are impossible to retract.  How are you presenting yourself?
If you knew you could easily improve that lasting and indelible impression –  would you do it?

By using what you’ve got in your home or office, we’ll help you create your custom designed video.
Our ‘make-over’ will teach you how to use the same practical, ‘tips n’ tricks’ that professional broadcasters use.
This media production becomes a ‘Cyber-Employee’  and it’ll assist you in selling more with less effort.

Our stepped out tutorial will maximise whatever online video broadcasting tool you’re using.

7 Basic Steps Towards Producing More Effective Video:

1- Building & Staging a Set:
Establishing a place to record your ‘talking head video’ becomes part of your brand. You’ll learn ‘tricks of the trade’
to decrease distractions and invite the viewer to focus on the main attraction – your message.  Using a video
broadcaster on your laptop makes your office mobile.  You’ll even be guided through the process of
selecting & modifying public settings for your broadcast.

2- Lighting:
Correct lighting will always add youth, lustre, & vitality to your video presentation.
Poor lighting adds age, weight & stress to your image.

We’ll work with any sort of light you have; lamps, work-lights, even how to pull natural light in from outdoors. Light is the least
expensive tool you have. Learning to put it to work for you will put your video broadcasts head n’ shoulders above most others.

3- Camera- Settings, Positioning & Framing:
You’ve heard that – ‘It’s not what you say – it’s how you say it’  – in the world of
video production, it’s not what you’re recording, it’s how you frame it’.

You may have a camera docked on your laptop, embedded in your computer, set on the desk or racked on a tripod.
Careful camera placement can do much to enhance your setting, your image, and your message. Though the camera
doesn’t lie, we can coach it to compliment what it sees.

4- Image Make Over:
Simple enhancements that cost little or nothing will transform how you look & sound and this will showcase
what is both seen and heard. Producing memorable video with useful content and solid form is our goal.
The successful presenter creates their unique brand and remains faithful to it. Think of your image as your ‘logo’.
We’ll help you create yours and show you how to put it to work for you.

5- Body Language:
Your body language communicates without using words and the viewer listens and responds to it.
You’ll learn how to use body language to punctuate your pitch.
Presenting to an online audience is unique.
The supports that are available when you speak in person or to a live audience, are not available from a computer screen..
We’ll share techniques for creating videos that make the viewer feel as if you’re in the room with them.
We’ll help adjust your ‘pitch’ so it’s appropriate to the venue.

6- Audio & Voice Coaching:
When was the last time you leaned forward to listen to someone shouting at you?
An exclamation mark at the end of every sentence is the quickest way I know of to switch a viewer off.
A musical score, by design has only one crescendo; it doesn’t need two.
It’s like an exclamation mark, you don’t need one at the end of every sentence.

Raising the volume doesn’t necessarily heighten interest. Speaking faster doesn’t necessarily ‘hurry’ the listener to sign up. In the world of
video things looks better when they sound better. When it sounds better it looks better. It’s a bit of magic that’s been used in filmmaking for decades.

You’ll learn simple techniques to remove echoes, muffled, fuzzy sound and irritating pitches in the voice. By using better phrasing and overall
pacing you’ll produce better results.  Marketing & Advertising experts who are ‘up with the times’ have been producing promotional tools,
using techniques that ‘pull’ rather than ‘push’.

7- Script Development  ( ‘video email pitch’ or ‘live broadcast’ )
Succinct brevity is the hallmark of a good script.
You’ll learn how to deliver a script that’s not  ‘In Your Face’ but rather, ‘Face-to-Face’.
Get the idea that you are ‘interfacing’ with an individual – not an audience filled room.
Consider how many videos you’ve viewed but never finished. Ask yourself ‘why’?

Turning a camera on with no idea of what you’re going to record is the quickest way I know of to invite the viewer switch off before
you’ve had the chance to turn them on!  Aimlessly meandering with much oozing of words like:

Fantastic Opportunity!  Awesome Product!  I’m so excited!!  etc.

This is a monologue not a dialogue. These words mean something to the speaker  but until the listener is invited into the experience
you’re speaking about, they’re forcefed your monologue.  Your audience will appreciate a few hors d’oeuvre to awaken an appetite
before you throw the other 6 courses at them… and it’s always good to save the dessert for last. The simplest of meals tastes so
much better when it’s been placed on the table with careful attention to how it looks.

It’s all about presentation!  Everywhere and in everything.

We’ll help you write a script that sounds authentic -not canned.  It’ll have ‘invitational content  it will pull the viewer in not push them away.

Fees Structure For Online Coaching Sessions:

Basic Single Session:  $69.99 ( 60 min.)

To begin with you’ll send a link to a video you’ve already created and we’ll review it together; I’ll be highlighting what you can easily do to
improve your next production.  We’ll cover all the Basic 7 Points and take them to the depth that we can within the 1 hour session.
Or you can also opt to just have an in-depth session on any one of the 7 Points highlighted above.

Thorough Review: ( 2 -Step Process )

$125.99  ( two 60 min. sessions- both must be booked within a 14 day period )

Full Coaching Service Package:    $239.99

4 x 1 hr. sessions   (must be taken within a 6 week period )

This package is highly recommended for those who are striving to produce videos that will be viewed by professionals.
This package allows us to custom design a unique programme that tutors exactly what you need to improve.
It may cover 1 or all of the 7 Basic Points of Effective Video Production.  Other courses are offered, ask for information.

The new world of producing video from your laptop has plugged you into a world of possibilities.
All you need to do now is hold your prospects attention long enough to entertain them while you inform them.

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