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Video Production for Non-Profit Organizations


Using Video Production as an effective tool to raise awareness is an is a solid, cost effective choice. When you learn what you can do with video to pull traffic to your website and or your arena of Social Media, you’ll begin producing video right away!

There are so many types of video productions that would help to generate interest by engaging those who love to participate in competitions, safari or treasure hunts, talking head videos produced by the sponsors and volunteers – talking head testimonial videos..many!

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The production of a viral video, which by definition is usually clever and catchy is the absolute ideal video to create. Spin an engaging concept that both communicates with the viewer, enrolls them in your event and raises awareness to some neglected corner of our world and you have scored big time points whose rewards will eventually be evidenced on your bottom line.

Cancer Many Faces

I evolved a concept for a fund raising video that scored a surprising harvest;

I first recruited 6 willing volunteers and with their support we set out a local Treasure Hunt. Items that had particular relevance to the non-profit I was raising awareness and funds for, where scattered about a 5 miles radius; the glues were scripted cleverly and entertained while they informed. The Treasure Hunters Map was published online and the fun began.

Here’s the crucial ingredient: each find had to be video taped and published through the organizations social media outreach. The entertaining clue & riddle had to be read out while the video was recording it and the person who found it. Then those that heard the next clue, published it by sharing the mini video production.

A friend of mine has of recent years taken up a passion for metal detecting! She has a club she belongs to and a metal detecting buddy she goes about with! I was thinking, what if we develop a fundraiser and enlist those metal detectifves!? LOL Why not?! Fundraising for a local, not community funded need, is such a wonderful way to play apart in giving from your surplus…use video production to publish your support for a local non-profit.

Use your iphone, smart phone, ipad or smart tablet to shoot the video and after you produce this video, be sure and load it up into your social media, your blog, the non-profits website and blog…and do this by writing a mini blog or extensive commentary on why it interests you and invite your subscribers on youtube, your friends on facebook and your readers into your fundraising party.

Can you see where you could take such a concept?! So much fun. Be sure if you use this concept you stop by my website, blog, social media and let me know. I’ll share it too and help where I am able.

Why not sit down with your Board, if you serve a Non-Profit Organization, and put this idea on the table for your next fundraising event.

Non-profit video production

Video Produced for Non-Profit Organization:

One of the awareness this organization raises is that when the impact of cancer finds it’s way into an individual’s life, their home and their community, many of the simple needs they require are simply not available through most non-profit organization.

I really had no idea about how many items one would need and simply not be able to purchase on extremely limited or no income at all.

Take for example something they call the ‘Cobra’, apparently this is the token co-pay you must somehow find if you’re to maintain your insurance coverage!

The cancer patients toiletries and other such items are not funded in usual coverage; they have to find that money…now add to this, the fact that the person who’s diagnosed has usually or will very soon, loose their job. The rent is due, public utilities are services that must be paid for, etc.


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