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I recently gave a brief presentation to one of the networking groups I attend. In the Q&A someone asked: “Where do I put the video once it’s made?” At this point I thought I’d truly failed at this presentation because I’d felt that I was constantly commenting on what could be done with video once you produce one; here is a list of the types of videos I suggested as options – before you set out to create your video, give some planning time and put it on paper… videos could be thought of as ‘bait n’ lure’, as such, a bit of thought can make it more juicy! The more successful videos are usually no longer than 60-90 seconds.

Product Demo That is self defined however it’s worth mentioning that when this type of video is shot, take time for the close ups and make sure the camera is steady as the viewers will usually be seeing the video in the same size of window as YouTube displays video. If fact YouTube is one of the most likely place you’ll publish your video and then embed it in your website or blog. Spend some time watching the ‘shopping network channels’ this will be one of the best ways to learn how to create a ‘Product Demo Video’, the tried, tested, crafting methods used on these programs are masterful.

Virtual Tours ( and I defined this as not racking the camera on a tripod and twirling it!) A ‘Virtual Tour’ by definition means: ‘like being there’ and that is what it should appear like… these types of videos are best suitable for places that prospects would like to know what it looks like before arriving there. This covers a large category but some of them are really more important than others. Remember, this video will be the first impression you create and ‘first impressions’ are very difficult to dislodge.

The Vlogg This is a wonderful way to establish what I call a ‘conversational viewership’. It needs to be created and published online regularly; if you are a winery, it can be, ‘what’s going on this week’ if you establish a pattern of shooting video in the vineyard and the cellar, you can create an annual ‘virtual tour’ that walks the clients / viewers through the process of making wine. I recently created ‘visual wine tasting notes’ and these will be sent out to the members of a given wine club. It invites them to order with an online discount and introduces them to the new release.

If you are a Financial Consultant, Realtor, own an Exhibition Venue, Culinary School, a Travel Agent…anyway, you get the idea, this ongoing production could develop a community of interested viewers.

‘Training Video’ in short… ‘help someone out’ by creating a short video tutorial on something you know would be useful to those interested in your industry. It’s one of the most constructive way to initiate a ‘conversation’. These are often created with nothing more than than the camera pointed at the computer screen while you create the tutorial and voice it while you instruct.

‘Fund Raising Video’ This is one of my favourite videos to produce – they can be entertaining, informative, and if they move off the the oft overdone ‘sympathy button’, they can be empowering to the would be donors and encourage their involvement.

‘Video e-Card’ This provides a way to ‘give back’ without having your hand out to receive, and yet, I have seen, as have my clients, over and over again, how this type of video invites comments, patronage, and involvement without appearing to ‘sell’ anything. Giving these video greeting cards about 4 times a year is a good way of keeping your clients. They can be seasonal cards, or related to any given holiday. This offering is just good common sense… think how much it costs you to acquire a client and how little it takes to retain that customers interest. They can be very artistically rendered while still keeping the understated focus on what your company has on offer. It’s a Valentine’s Card, a Christmas Card, Happy Halloween, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, etc.

The list of video types is very long…and I will continue this list in later posts. I want to take up the rest of this blog with a list of what you can do with the video once it’s produced:

Post it on the usual WebPortals such as YouTube, and don’t stop there… there are dozens of these to post your video without charge. Think of it as your TV station, broadcasting to the world wide web.

Your ‘Social Media Pages’ can have this video playing, sometimes there is a small monthly charge for this in the form of an upgrade. The video can be put onto forums…. if you cannot put the video on the forum, you can put the link to it and drive the traffic back to your site.

There are services available that can be customized to publish the video on hundreds of sites… by establishing who the most likely viewers should be; in other words, who is likely to buy your product or service and then publish the video where they are likely to frequent as surfers.

‘Market Places’ such as Manta and Merchant Circle, high traffic sites like those do a lot of ‘heavy lifting’ in getting traffic back to your site.

Your ‘Monthly Newsletter’ is a good place to put a link to your video… in fact, video newsletters have proven to be more successful than just text ones…you could put in a discount code in the video and say it’s in there, that way they are sure to view it if you’ve defined your demographic (customer).

More later… hope this was useful; you can always connect with me if you’ve any questions or ideas you want to discuss regarding video production. I think for my next entry, I’d like to discuss the coveted ‘Viral Video’. This is the type of video I am often asked to produce and yet few know just how ‘unique’ a video needs to be to go ‘viral’.

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