QR Code: A Cyber Business Card

There are so many ways to use the QR Code in your marketing and since it’s free it’s worth exploring. But why should I try to improve on what’s already been done so well?

My colleague, Chris Reilly of Unleased Marketing here in Spokane, is well informed on all aspects of Search Engine Optimisation including using the QR Code. I’ll provide a link to his blog post at the bottom of the page.

Since my focus is video production, the QR Code is an exciting dimension now being added to the use of video display options.

For example, imagine you’re in the grocery store you’ve got 5 min. to pick up a bottle of wine to go with your menu….and you want to impress the dinner guest. Wine, as a condiment, when well paired, will magically enhance any cuisine.

Now consider that a winery has kept themselves up to date with the latest marketing tools and now have this QR Code on their label and it contains a brief video with the tasting notes. Problem solved, happy new customer!

Considering the real cost to acquire a new prospect, put along side how relatively little you need to invest to maintain and retain that prospect, I think you’ll agree that looking into this new concept of cyber marketing and advertising is a good bet.

How to Make a QR Code for Your Business

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