Roast House Coffee

Dear Petrushka,

Thank you for all the works you’ve done for us and I want you to know that we are aware that you could’ve charged a lot more money than you did. We love our website and the videos you produced. More to the point, so does everyone else and they’ve been giving us a lot of positive feedback.

We are totally impressed with the Google Analytic reports you’ve been sending to us and it’s been exciting to learn all about the world of SEO and the new way to market on the web from you. We are starting a company up during very difficult economy and all the information you’ve provided to us about Social Media and Networking has already proved profitable. We had no idea that you were going to do all of that for us as well!

The noteworthy point about your working with us is you attention to detail; I don’t think you left a stone unturned during those interviews you conducted with us while learning about our company and the coffee industry. We would be happy to recommend anyone to you that is looking for website development or video production.

We look forward to our continued working relationship with you.

Thank you,
Deborah Di Bernardo

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