SEO Using Video

This is one of the best websites ever in making the subject of SEO easily understood. Keyword research is the most essential factor in getting your website to rank higher and defining your demographic. Refining the information so that you optimize your video for the ‘buyer’ and not the ‘viewer’ is preferred to entertaining hoards of ‘looky-loos’ rather than counting greenbacks.

It’s important to understand what you’ll need to ‘rank’ for, so you can refine your targeted keywords.

Consider this site the ABC’s that take the guess work out of your online campaigns.

Here you’ll find information like the ‘cost per click’ for the term you enter into the search bar. It gives you the information you need to calculate a budget for your campaign. It tells you what your competitors are using to rank, it shows the ad words results and whose bidding on those keywords. The organic results are also displayed. It’s a gift, all the research they’ve done is handed over to you for the time it takes you to read it.

There’s a place you can enter your competitors website and see everything their doing in their online campaign – what they spend, their daily traffic results, their top competitors, all the domains and sub domains they own, search terms they come up for, etc. So calling it Spy Fu is very accurate. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll learn concerning your website and how it’s being read in the search engines.

The next chapter to tackle in improving your websites ranking is analytics: (Hit is a website full of easy to digest information, and it’s completely FREE. PC World called it: ‘analytics for the rest of us.”

This tool shows you exactly what your website ranks for…. it shows you what to optimize your site for.

The magic bullet is a combination of Video launched with the right ‘words/ terms’ that’ll do all the heavy lifting. Go check it out: and

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