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Video: The Most Cost Effective Marketing Tool In The World’

The world of self publishing has opened a heaven come true for the writer who wishes to earn a living from their craft!  Now, the internet and all of them that use it to shop for products and services are potential customers!

The E-Book has proved itself over and over again as one of the hottest calling cards for promoting almost anything.  If you have a novel you’ve written, you are now in direct communication with your potential reader. The only ‘middle man’ between you & them is the rife competition this new market place has engendered.

One way to stand out from the rest is to have a Video Book Trailer produced that really expresses the essence of your book.  Think of it… a Mini-Movie Trailer for an E-Book… and what’s more, this movie trailer of your e-book can be on screens everywhere that someone has a smart phone (like an iphone), a tablet ( like an ipad) and a laptop, like one of the millions someone is using right now…including you and me.

The service we offer in creating a video book trailer is to draw from our extensive archive of professionally produced video footage and photography.  If you’ve written a dramatic love story, (find one that isn’t dramatic LOL )  or an historical novel, a political thriller, a murder mystery, even a horror story, we’ve got photos and video clips to pull together to get your enticing video book trailer produced.

We can also use your photos and footage if you’ve got some to work with.  One of the most conventional ways (so far, since it’s such a new industry) is to just interview the author…and shoot footage of them talking about their book which typically includes them reading excerpts from the publication. There are no right or wrong ways to promote a book….but most everyone will agree, that when online shoppers (and its good to mention that most shopping is now online !) the online consumer prefers to view a video rather than read about what your selling. And they want to view it at their convenience.

Video: The Most Cost Effective Marketing Tool In The World

Get that engaging, succinct, entertaining while it informs video up on line!  Your prospect will thank you…it saves them time and it supports their decision making process.

You may have written a Business E-Book for the promotion of your coaching services, workshops, seminars, you may want to teach online classrooms, is also greatly enhanced by the inclusion of a video.

Imagine, yourself shopping for a ‘Business Coach’ and you come upon one that has not only written an e-book but also has produced a video to not just sell the book, but sell themselves to you.

We can help you get your video produced and even get it published into cyberspace for you.  We’re affordable and we have some bragging rights we shouldn’t keep in the cupboard either!  References are available upon request. We have a professional scriptwriter and filmmaker in the house…. video is what we do!

Video: The Most Cost Effective Marketing Tool In The World

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