SEO Video – Production Notes

The opening scene / image tells you exactly what this video sales tool is going to be about.  It displays a hand that has a electrical charge going between the gripping thumb and one of the other fingers.  The electrical charge is in the shape of the world and is also that colour.  It asks a question that should serve as a ‘hook’.

“Are you really connected or just online?”  That statement is the videos ‘set hook’ and the rest of the video is to play the fish out while reeling in!  For the rest of the video this question is put into a visual delivery device…the question is asked over and over again and a solution is offered.

The next question it asks is:  ‘When you built it, did they come?”  and then very rapidly, with the intention of slightly disorientating the viewer, several business men fly in from all corners…they are pictured as flying pieces of Lego …building the businessmen who are involved in actions that portray what businessmen would do!  At an easel doing a presentation, working an ipad, walking with his briefcase, etc.

Next scene.. a huge single blue eye… meant to say in picture form: ‘eye on the world’ transfixed there for a moment longer than is comfortable.  That split second longer is there with intention…so that the viewer can consider the response to the question he/she is being asked.

Then a business man has an open hand with a laptop displaying connections to every conceivable device…the question asks:  “Can consumers access you from all devices”.   Here you will see that the point that the video opened with is being drilled in using the Socratic Method also known as a Q&A . LOL  Note that the reference ‘ consumers’ should grab the attention of anyone who is trying to sell product or services.  “Can they find you?!”

The next scene offers a solution if you need one! LOL  It shows a computer tower being linked to many others, quickly, and systematically.  This is a good metaphor for what Mr. Presley does at his company   He connects you to the world wide possibilities of those who want to buy what you are selling.

Next, we revisit the point previously made with the Lego businessmen.. this time it’s  a city that’s being built and it is purposely white.  This white means that you’ve not been there yet,   it’s not coloured yet. You can colour it by visiting it.  It teaches by discussing the process of building an online presence as cyber- architecture.

The sharp cut to the red arrow is a bit shocking and supposed to be; the arrow travels aggressively up and down simulating the way markets typically move.  This point is punctuated again by displaying the many stats of wall street, with numbers and graphs etc.

This is a statement that signals the viewer that the company publishing this site is respecting that good SEO and getting a website positioning on the world wide web is as good as cash in the bank.  That’s why that animated graph is used.  Here again, this movement of the activity on Wall Street is really in your face and is meant to have you pull back a bit…because the next scene is really one to pull you forward!  It is an adorable little smiling boy, giving you the ‘thumbs up’ and he is on the screen for a tiny bit longer breaking the rhythm of the rest of the video.  The only other thing on this page is … the website address and this charming sales pitch is really meant to engage the viewer, disarm them if they feel intimidated, break that intimidation and extend an invitation to look at the site.  It says “yes, it’s good – go have a look, you’re going to love it I promise!”

That’s what that little boy says.  It’s put right in the middle of the video.  It’s a mini break as well. My goodness, with all these aggressive disquieting question and interrogation… a man’s got to have a respite!  So you give him one!

Next there is a colour graphic, happy bright colours to follow on from the cute little boy, that speaks to what Steve’s company does.  It’s a simple comment but complicated enough to inform the viewer that they know less than they thought they did.

Then more wheels… gears, cogs, all driving the wheels…everything working.  Good clockwork.  And wheels within wheels is one way to speak about good solid SEO work like Steve’s.  I am foreshadowing the colour of the very important point made at the end of the video.

The next graphic is in bright red and huge…on that graphic it spells out how, what, and where is SEO.  Following on there is an animated pie chart timed to the music that’s supporting it.

Finally a flying dart,that will hold anyone’s attention that ends up by pinning a $100 bill to the bull’s eye of the target it was thrown to hit!  I’d say that metaphor does not need further comment.

This video was developed for to put out onto the waters as a baited lure.  With the skill Mr. Presley has acquired over the years, I have no doubt that the video will not only pull traffic to his website but harvest a considerable conversion rate as well.


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