Silk Road Dance Co.

Silk Road Dance Company .- Washington DC – 2-min

Performance of the Silk Road Dance Company, filmed in Washington, DC. A must see, whether you do or don’t have knowledge of rich and colourful history of the Silk Road – the information super highway of it’s time. Some of these stunning, rich coloured silk costumes are replicas of the original garb drawn from the regions the dances portray. The choreography is highly narrative and sensitive, is rarely, if ever, seen to be this magical..all set to haunting music.

Silk Road Dance Company’s Director, Dr. Laurel Victoria Grey, is held in the highest esteem not only for her choreography, costume design and costume making, but for her multi-layered knowledge of the customs, religious practices, dance, and history of the Silk Road.  She holds the unusual post of both respected Scholar and Artist. The production that this short reel was cut from was titled: Legends of the Silk Road, and it is dawn from 18 separate dances.

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