Spokane’s Spokesman Review Speaks

Spokane’s daily newspaper The Spokesman Review ran an article recently. Available in their online format, correspondent Jill Barville describes how Petrushka, operating out of a studio in the same apartment complex as her home, strives to turn people’s stories into works of video art.

“The whole of history could be written, says Petrushka Pavlovich, from the simple stories of everyday people living everyday lives,” Barville writes, opening the piece. Petrushka switched from screen writing to video production, telling stories with video and music, much the way primitive cavepeople described their lives through still pictures. “I’m writing with the camera now, telling reel stories about real people,” Petrushka said, and armed with a video camera, a suite of Macintosh computers, and the eye of an artist, she accomplishes this task admirably.

The entire Spokesman Review article can be read here.

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