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Animated Whiteboard Videos – Why Are They White Hot?

Animated Whiteboard Videos – Why Are They White Hot?
You’ve seen them, those scribbler videos that somehow always seem to grab your attention. They feature a real hand holding a marker or pen which is drawing something on a whiteboard (hence the name whiteboard videos), and you’re inexplicably captured by whatever message is being conveyed.  The ratio of viewers clicking out of these types of videos is very, very, low.  You can determine that from various types of software that monitors and scores user engagement.  Here’s a definition of this type of video that may prove useful:

whiteboard animated explainer video
It’s almost a surreal experience, the captivation, intrigue and suspense that is the nature of these whiteboard videos. And, no surprise, these explainer videos (as they are also called) are now such a hot trend on the internet you’re likely to see them cropping up in more places for a variety of uses.  I’ve even seen them on the big screen featured in commercials before the movie I went to see begins to play.  The production costs for those are very expensive because all the art work is original and custom designed.  This, however, does not mean that you cannot use this production style and still hold the costs down by employing images already drawn.

growth cartoon animated video queen of blog
Those neuroscientists sure know what they’re doing…
Ever since the dawn of man, humans have been drawn to motion. Like cats watching mice or birds, the programmed so deeply within our brain, the instinct will never dissipate. Animation videos take advantage of this instinct by literally almost grabbing hold of the viewer’s attention when the hand with the marker appears on screen. That element goes double for the animated person that begins to speak or the drawing comes alive like a cartoon character and begins a conversation with you by asking you questions that you find yourself mentally responding too!  Getting that mix, just right is what filmmakers know as ‘screen time’.

Dropping one of the balls should not happen…

Good screen-time means that while you are watching the hand either draw, write text and or move images on and off screen, you must have a good mix of these actions so that the viewer can listen to what the voice over is saying, it must be paced so that they are able to take it in, then be able to enjoy the sound effects and or music which must be an element that must not interfere with the over all message of the whiteboard or explainer video.

The viewer must be given time and space to think and engage, respond or interact to what’s on the screen.  If they don’t have this, they’ll either exit by clicking out of the video or continue watching having dropped a ball or two which will mean that the sales tools failed to yield a ‘buy’.  In other words, the rhythm and space you’ve allocated in the video does not easily engage and sustain that to the satisfying end.  The juggling required to comprehend and act on the video sales tool will be almost exclusively set on that simple rule – ‘screen time’. The basic features of these types of quick draw or explainer videos, are an entertaining message that engages the intellect and emotions into a marriage of convenience so that the final delivery is satisfying.  That’s what makes a sale.

explainer whiteboard animated video
SEO savvy videos that have evolved from cartoon technology…
Cartoons date back to a century ago. They were a form of entertainment that is still used today, and are acknowledged, accepted and recognized by every segment of the population. SEO savvy videos take cartoon technology to a new level by utilizing them for various purposes such as explaining a product or service, marketing it,  or certain company or product training and development.
And even better, research shows that this new whiteboard technology grabs the viewer’s attention quickly, maintains it, prompts the viewer to take action, and perhaps best of all, keeps the video’s message implanted in their mind. These explainer videos or whiteboard video production works because, in general, people are tired of static images and boring old ad copy. They want to be entertained, they want to be wowed, they want to feel like a kid again by watching the hand create charming bubble letters and people out of what seems like thin air. Plus, these videos uniquely and ingenuously use the two earliest forms of communication: hand drawn imagery and the human voice.  It’s the oldest and the simplest way to narrate a story.  Everyone loves to hear a story.  That alone is worth thinking about; tell your story.  Consumers have confessed many times to doing business with the person who’s story they know even if their competitor offered the same product or service for less money.  This is something to really pay attention to.

we create videos that sells products and services slider
They don’t cost an arm and a leg…

Although, you might see an arm and a leg compellingly drawn, the cost to produce a whiteboard animation is remarkably much lower than virtually any other type of video. Whether you’re interested in marketing videos, training videos, videos used as vlogs (video used as blogging), webinars, sales video, and others, whiteboard animation videos cost very little, especially when compared to the enormous impact they have on the audience.
Production costs are minimal if you use existing archive content of both still images and traditional video footage as well as line drawings that can be traced into the video production by the quick draw or video scribing software.  Having to hire an artist, someone with the artistic skills to draw original artwork is, for the most part, cost prohibitive.  Unless the video scribe is a production that can effectively be used over and over to market and advertise the company, I usually discourage this type of video production.  When you consider that these days, a video once viewed is usually ‘dumped’.  Once viewed, there’s usually no reason to view it again.  Now if the company can take that same video scribe or explainer video and send it out to fetch in new prospects then spending a lot to create is possibly a good call.

whiteboard animated explainer video
Stand out from the crowd, lead the pack, and leverage yourself against competitors…
With the highest conversion ration of any other type of video, these animations are a big bang for their buck! Think about it, no camera is needed ( if you want traditional video footage as part of the narrative, there are stock houses you can buy from) no real actors, just a script (message) but not to minimize this at all, it has to be a well thought out script if it’s to be successfully communicated. And who better to sell your brand than you and the people who best know your business! You can positively, productively and imaginatively create a video that tells your company’s story, conveying it to the viewer in a compelling way while also driving your message, by drawing it into their brain where it will be retained.  This, by the way, is why animated neon signs are so easily recalled.  They ‘write’ and because we also write, our eyes follow the lines the drawing makes and thus recall easily the form it draws.
Teaching and learning just got a little more fun…
There are so many learning styles. Invariably, in classrooms throughout the world, children fall behind in their education because they’re not being taught to in the style that relates best to them. Learning styles include visual, interpersonal, logical, physical, auditory, verbal, and interpersonal. Most people fall into these three categories: Visual, Auditory, and Physical. The beauty of the whiteboard animation video is that it incorporates these three learning styles flawlessly; ensuring that the message will reach a wider audience and the retention of the message will be high.  Think of the lyrics you cannot forget because you memorized it with music, then add to it a visual image and viola, you have a type of explainer or whiteboard video.  Powerful sales tool and it’s not to be ignored if you want to be competitive.

whiteboard animated video
Whiteboard videos and SEO…
Okay, even though these animation videos have oodles of uses, many companies are using them to not only engage their audience (with hopeful conversion), but to also pump up their SEO marketing. There are still some basics to remember when it comes to your SEO strategies and explainer videos:
1. Know your keywords! This, of course, is the basis for any SEO advertising & marketing campaign.
2. Add those precious keywords to your video via the file name, video title, video description and tags. Remember, (this is crucial) the search engines don’t know what to do with video. They can’t “see” it and it really does nothing for search engines or the arsenal of bots ( electronic reading devices) that are sent out to fetch whatever was typed into the search bar.
3. If you’re uploading your video to YouTube, make sure to use keywords in your video’s content. For accessibility services, YouTube always creates a text based version of videos that are uploaded. This way, your keywords will be “seen” by Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.  You can also ‘beef’ up these scripts by adding additional keyword rich text but stay well within what is actually spoken within the video.  Then publish the video with these scripts.  Tons of SEO value can be gained just by doing that.
Whiteboard animation videos are white hot because people can’t seem to get enough of them. They’re captivating, charming and appeal to everyone’s child-like sense of wonder. Don’t be left behind, they’re also inexpensive and are well worth while for use in any marketing and advertising campaign.  It is now well known that to have one on the home page of your website or available within your social media will do much to convert the viewer to the customer. Leave a Comment

The Skinny On Creating A Viral Video:

The Water Skiing Squirrel.

The Water Skiing Squirrel.

(check out the product placement! Can you think of a better way to sell insurance?! )

The water-skiing squirrel, the little old lady smashing a Mercedes with a handbag, or a grumpy cat; they are all examples of viral videos. The term ‘viral’ refers to the contagion-like spread of the video on the internet. Clients sometimes expect guaranteed viral results from paying for an SEO video.



SEO (search engine optimization) is a targeted tagging process which is applied to a video, wherein the segment pops up higher in search engines results, which can increase traffic back to a site and increase opportunities for being shared on other sites. This is usually done by a video production professional, and is a paid service.

A video going viral cannot be guaranteed. This is not a paid service. Although a video production professional may offer to help plan and execute a viral campaign, there is no way to guarantee whether a video will interest a target market and inspire widespread sharing. While SEO can help raise awareness of a particular video, there is no promise that the video will go viral.


One of the key traits of videos that go viral is the entertainment factor. If a video can educate a client about a product or service, while still entertaining them, the chances of the video going viral are greatly increased. Keep things loose and not-too-serious. It is easier for customers to connect with humor and they are more likely to share a funny video with their friends.


Branded videos can go viral, although the tools used to brand the video may require some subtlety. A small logo or information in the lower-third of a video are obvious branding choices. Catchphrases or verbal cues are less obvious, but have a proven track record. A consistent face or spokesperson is also a fantastic way to build a following. Recognition is another proven marketing tool that aids in a successful campaign. For instance, “Where’s the beef?” It was a brilliant campaign and the closest thing to a viral video that could be produced in the 80’s. Not only was the catchphrase on television, but it showed up on t-shirts and other merchandise. The little old lady who said those iconic words became the face of the fast-food chain.CatGrumpy

Length is also key factor in a videos ability to go viral. Often, segments of longer videos go viral, which directs traffic back to a longer video. The viral segment is usually short and often contains the source of the laugh, which can range from a joke, to a bit gag, to a professionally produced hijinks. It is important to remember an audience’s attention span, especially when perusing the internet, cannot be maintained for longer than 60 seconds.


Whether the segment has been created by a video production professional or not, and regardless of whether it is an SEO video, a viral campaign works similarly to the ‘pay-it-forward’ concept from the hit movie. It all begins with social media and how those connections are managed. First, a trusted circle of contacts are given the link and asked to post it on their timeline and to send it to their own trusted circle. If those four connections share it with four of their own, that’s easily sixteen posts. Repeated posting of the links to social media sites with an invitation to share can also increase the spread of the video. The video segment should also be posted on a popular share site, such as Funny or Die.GrumpyWomanTin

Use the viral campaign to promote a service or product with a giveaway. Customers can enter to win by retweeting the video link or sharing the link from Facebook; both can be tracked via the social media site. Incentives can do a lot to help get the viral campaign on its feet.

As with any production, hiring a professional to help plan and execute the video, SEO and a potential viral campaign is an intelligent investment. Leave a Comment

Tibetan Tea – Natural Energizer!

TibetanTeaImage#2png Here is a quote from that’s the website that has the product I promoted in this video production.

“Today, more than ever before, life must be characterized by a sense of universal responsibility, not only nation to nation and human to human, but also human to other forms of life.” Dalai Lama

This was a fun project. Fun for a variety of reasons. The owner of this company, Penny Stafford is one of the most impressive people I’ve met in years. Hear’s why:

She is gutsy and what I call ‘Frontline Authentic’. I mean if she’s pushed to the ‘frontline’ in a battlefield, she’ll hold that line no matter what’s on the other side!

During the production process of this video I learned volumes about the soft drink industry. Penny had no input into the video production and all that I learned does not appear in the video. Still, knowing so much more now means that the information will soon appear in a video production.


Most of us don’t realize what a warfare is waged to gain and hold point of sale (POS) for the soft drink industry. The college campus is where most of the soft drinks are sold in the USA. I may misquote this, but drawing from memory it’s near 80% ! The Goliath of this industry is of course the world owned by the Pepsi and Coke moguls.

Add to this heated contest, the ‘energy drink’ consumption, also mostly on the college campuses and you have one of the biggest profit machines in the world. It’s like a well managed Mafia. Think of it, how would you bring your product, a soft drink that needs to be chilled, to the market, without one of those soft drink machines you typically buy one from?

Now, what if all the space that was allocated for the drinks machines were pre sold under iron glad contracts to the drinks Mafia?

Here’s the deal, Tibetan Tea is a natural drink- it’s made from natural ingredients that energize the body with nutrient rich food – not chemical speed type of ingredients. Even with the students helping Penny Stafford to acquire her place in this monopoly, even then, the big guy wins.


We all love David & Goliath stories because we champion those that have the guts to come up against the opposition with an honest product and not back down from the front-line just because the rubber bullets suddenly become the real deal and lethal.

Here are a few other things I learned while producing this video:

  • the glass we think is being recycled, isn’t;
  • for many reasons, the tin can is better than the bottle;
  • the medical insurance companies are already budgeting for the onslaught of kidney transplants and dialysis treatments that will be required due to the damage the harsh chemicals in the energy drinks are causing’
  • cane sugar is better than high fructose corn syrup
  • the reason antioxidants are missing in the bottled drinks;
  • the difference between natural caffeine and the synthetic version of same;
  • the drink moguls, pushing the chemical speed drinks, can become as aggressive as any other street gang to protect their market;
  • there are natural alternatives available for the college students who want them, BUT, no will is available to face down those who run the drinks mafia.
  • I learned that it takes more than a village to get a healthy soft drink onto a college campus, it takes an army!

In this video production, you’ll see the fun we had in making it seem like Tibetan Tea was even found on the moon! The idea for this video was to support the treasure hunt that was intended to publicize Tibetan Tea and force it into the limelight by letting the students be the light shinning on it.


Currently Penny is promoting ‘crowd funding’ and in her introduction video she informs the viewer that one of the reasons these fledgling companies fail is that they don’t have the money to pay forward a full year of production like the bigger companies do. Crowd Funding is one way to accomplish this..we pool together to produce what we need to do in order to get the product on the shelves.

You’ll enjoy reading all that Penny Stafford is doing and has done to get her product into the market place… she combines, pairs it up, with many worthwhile concerns and projects that need our loving financial attention.


Oh, did I mention that this is one of the most refreshing soft drinks I’ve ever tasted. If anyone drinks an energy drink, this is one to add to your list of ‘must tries’. Her website is very informative….and heart warming to learn about what Penny does…. and most importantly, ‘why’ she does it. Besides, you’ll need to go there to find out where David felled Goliath & won! That is to say, where exactly you can find one of these drinks. Leave a Comment

Jake The Farrier

JakeFarrierImage#2This was one of the most enjoyable videos I’ve ever produced and it was all because of the Farrier…the subject of this video. The craft itself is an art form… add to that a charismatic ‘Son of a Preacher Man’ , ex Harley Rider and Hell’s Angel…who’s every other word is a curse word and you have a clear departure from anything that was born and lived in a box! LOL

He has a heart the size of Texas and is so very tender, I supposes it’s the secret of his success… the horses seem to know that they are in good hands and if they don’t want to me ‘handled’ then they best be mindful of the task at hand! Getting shod.

If you’ve never met a Black Smith, or watched one work, please watch this video- you’ll witness an artisan and a self styled animal trainer. I wish I would have captured some footage of him with his two Dachshunds. The contrast begged to be documented when you bring to mind that minutes before he’d been shoeing horses, huge animals by comparison.

While we both worked, me at the camera, he at the forge, he told me story after story about his ventures with horses that were mean one could handle them, so his expertise was called upon.


He also told me about the abuse he’d seen perpetrated on horses because they weren’t shod or were left too long in shoes that they’d outgrown. He also told me what he’s like to do to those who someone left them to suffer….but it would be too smart to relay those comments here.

One of the stories he told me was about his triumphant win of an award at an event where he competed and took the award from Farriers who had shod the Queen of England’s horses. He was understandably proud of this achievement but I never found him boastful or arrogant. He was proud because, as I mentioned, he grew up the son of a Preacher, not the son of a craftsman, so he was self taught, while the Queen’s Farriers were not only trained, but came down thru generations of Farriers.

It was wonderful for me to field some of the comments made by those who viewed this simple video. They commented on how much they had learned and almost no one who viewed the video had ever seen a horse being shod before.


When you think of how important the horse has bee to us, having never seen a horse shod is remarkable in and of itself. It’s true that most of us believe that a dog is ‘Man’s Best Friend’, that being true, the horse built civilization. It’s place in history is monumental and in many places of the world, the horse remains an essential part of everyday living.

Beautiful and majestic like poetry in motion yet hard working and diligent, the horse is a blessing to us all no matter where in the world we are.