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Frontier Builders Montana

This style of video production I feel is a very effective way to showcase many products and services. It is a series of professionally shot photographs, ordered to specifically showcase what’s being offered. In this instance it’s an award winning contractor who builds the most stunning custom homes anywhere. They are state-of-the-art in every aspect you can imagine! Everything was on the drawing table before they began construction.

  • local materials whenever possible (and almost always they were)
  • smart home technology
  • energy efficient – no ‘green washing’ here
  • beautifully and naturally landscaped, etc.

The reason for producing this informative video slide show was to broadcast to the demographic that typically build vacation homes in Montana, and acquire their business for these superb contractors. They usually come up form California and they often have deep pockets. These custom homes seem very inexpensive to them by contrast to California’s costly property and that’s just the tip of the iceberg when they weigh in the benefits of having Frontier Builders custom design & construct their dream home.


Imagine moving from the dense population of California to a home under the big spacious skies of Montana – arguably one of America’s untamed frontiers! The lifestyle is top of that list and the contrast to the urban city scape and all that it implies, is not often ignored.

We did everything possible to make this video sales tool match the brand they had already established. We took the look of it and replicated it on the lead shot of the video, then we took the logo, crafted it into 3D and animated it. This gave them an opening and a closing, called in the business, an ‘intro & outro’ so that they could use it to book end any other videos they make, thus, holding to their brand.

We used the information we could find on their website to script the info you’ll see displayed over the photographs. We put their many award certificates on the screen that serve as well deserved bragging rites!


It may interest you to know that the other video production you’ll find on this site titled: ‘Montana Builders Promo’ was what inspired them to hire our services. In that video, which is our sales tool to showcase all that you can do with these simple video sales tools. Thoughtfully crafted, these videos sell what people buy…their own feelings! Emotion is what moves a buyer not statistics. Good sales reps know this- sometimes they use this information as power against the prospect and persuade them to buy more than they can afford and things they don’t need.


Put a persuasive tool like an emotive video that sells why they may like to consider purchasing, and bingo, the transaction is a happy one for all! The video we produced showcases a Montana Lifestyle and frankly, when you speak to folks what house they live in is second to the pleasure of a Montana lifestyle.


Have a view of it and see what you feel and think. Beautiful scenery, alluring ambiance, wildlife that you usually see on National Geographic Wildlife shows, walk past your window. Exciting sportsman’s paradise throughout all seasons! Every imaginable activity for all members of the family.whether they are star gazers, hunters, skiers, fishers, wild flower lovers, bird watchers, or butterfly catchers! You name it, Montana and her all embracing skies have it waiting for you. Leave a Comment


This project was developed to launch a fund raising campaign within Kickstarter.


This was a challenging video production due to the lack of understanding that those who ordered it had in the first instance.   I’ll be eager to see how they do, but it is generally understood that Kickstarter is geared to very personal reasons and not so much for this sort of commercial enterprise.  Having said that, it’s not uncommon for them to accept ‘commercial’ enterprises, so we moved forward with the view to appeal to the local community to fund the purchasing of the equipment.


All I had to work with was a shell of a building, which did shoot well!  An empty shell, dark coloured walls but the outside of the building was, in my opinion, charming!  A small brick, stand alone on the fringe part of town that was experiencing development.

There weren’t  many features I could draw on as raw ‘ingredient’ to cook up this persuasive appeal.  The chef was not a showman… the menu, unless you really got into it, was not something to catch the attention of anyone, unless they were hungry or knew something about BBQ.


HOWEVER, the fact that the chef was trained as a Cordon Bleu Pastry Chef and was going to have his (apparently) splendid pies on the menu, was a mouth watering prospect!

I had to somehow capitalize on that point…all the while not really being able to frame him out on video!  The other factor was that these folks put forth such effort in their research when selecting each and every ingredient. Problem with this was, the consuming public, for the most part, had to be educated into even wanting these preferred ingredients!  For the most part they didn’t give a hoot.

How many folks know that just because something is called ‘Angus Beef’ doesn’t mean that it is ‘Certified Angus Beef’?  Further to that, how many consumers know the difference?

How many folks know that a stone ground bun, in effect a pretzel bun, is preferred to the usual bun until they try one?

The best chance they had from pulling attention to the menu was that they would be serving micro brews, mostly from local brewers….but then again, most micro brew fans would be going to the brew houses or a bar!

Anyway, you’ll see from what I did in this video that if there was something to capitalize on I did just that!  When I discovered that Kickstarter typically fund ‘the person’ and not so much the ‘product or service’ I had to scramble to take the raw ingredients (sorry!) and create a personality, not only for the chef, but for the purpose of the new venture.  I have no doubt whatsoever, that if they do manage to pull this together it will not only be a good BBQ place to frequent, it will be the ONLY PLACE to go and have a BBQ and a marvelous slice of fresh, homemade pie!

After all, it’s the BBQ sauce that makes the BBQ and it’s the pastry chef that knows how to bake a pie. Leave a Comment

Chemistry IS Everything!

Whether your cooking, public speaking, in a laboratory developing new substances, distilling a fine liquor or aging wine…whatever, chemistry is everything.

It’s not just the ingredients, it’s how they are mixed…like perfume for example, put one ingredient in at one crucial time during the process and you can cause the previous two ingredients to separate. This will sometimes produce a very good effect, like a nose fetching ‘top note’ or it will fall to the bottom on the scale and become the ‘base note.’ The perfume industry, as with many others depend on successful chemistry and they succeed or fail when introducing a new scent to a line of fragrances.

DeNiro Image

Good chemistry is when the joining of two ingredients, become more than the sum total of both. It’s a masterful fusion. Charismatic people for example, often have more than the average amount of ingredients that solicit a greater than usual response in many people. You may not be able to define it, but it works despite the lack of definition.

Successful marketing and advertising depends on the chemistry a product or service conjures in the consuming public. Think of the successful “I’m a Mac” – “I’m a PC’ television adverts. Very simply crafted with a power punch that guaranteed mega dollars on the bottom line. Steve Jobs was not known for his personal charisma but his product built one of the most profitable marketing campaigns ever. RIchard Branson with Virgin Atlantic is another prime example of how a product or service can generate irresistible sex appeal in the market place. Go into any Apple store or borad any of the Virgin Atlantic airlines, or go and listen to music in their stores, and if you don’t come out of those places happier than you went in, then you must be sleep walking.

Those BRANDS were built, tightly monitored, tweaked and modified as and when needed to become very successful business models. They have one thing in common and this is the salient point I want to make in this blog entry:

Absolutely everything they have onboard or in the shop front is essential. They have distilled the very essence of what they are selling, and you feel it’s there for YOU! They distilled the look, the sound, the colours, the uniforms, the packaging, EVERYTHING was taken into consideration and if one little ‘ingredient’ was in excess, did nothing to enhance the brand, then it was thrown out. Those two brands are tight, clean, targeted, and sexy. The ingredients, all added together, produce something greater than the total of them!

That process, I argue, is how to make great videos to sell your products and services.


This testimonial was one we had fun creating! The spokesperson is a Robert Dinero impersonator and in this video he’s giving us a send up and playing into the fact that Petrushka Pavlovich is a very fine chef who brings her talents and skills to the studio and conjures appetite stimulating recipes in the form of narrative videos!

Good narrative, that is good story telling, we all know is not what the story is about, it’s how you tell it. The order you tell it in… that parts you leave out or allude to. It’s chemistry. A good comedic is masterful at story telling…and he or she plays into the audience, generating electric chemistry then drops in the ‘punch line’ that should have them laughing with gusto.

Videos, well produced, generate interest, bring a market demand to the fore and cultivate it. We’ve all seen those alluring high end commercials that entice us to ‘want’ something we really don’t need..that is the best of supply & demand and is a form of chemistry.

The world of search engine optimization, typically known as SEO, feeds off of a perfect marriage of how the bots, also known as electronic readers (which are robotic,) respond to the ever changing viewing public. Generating interest is a skill set in chemistry too! Leave a Comment

Chocolate Day & Night

This was such a good time to produce this video and women really get this poor girls obsession with chocolate! The model is such a find and so suited to this subject matter. When you see her in those bright red rimmed glasses, sitting at her workstation, probably should have been typing or some such, but instead, is sneaking nibbles off a chocolate bar, you’ve got to laugh.

Chocolate Day Night

Later we find her, after the moon has risen, seated in a candlelit restaurant, dressed in evening wear, sipping from a wine glass and still stealing a bite off her chocolate bar. Check out that satisfied, yet somehow sneaky smile that comes over her face once she’s taken that forbidden bite! It seems as if chocolate has become her drug of choice and is intimately connected with her stress management! LOL

Add to this the lyrics of Nina Simone’s, ‘I Put A Spell On You’ and you have a perfectly believable storyline.

Jokes aside, while coffee is the worlds second largest traded commodity after oil, chocolate falls in way up there with them. Chocolate is one of the world’s pleasures and one of it’s largest traded commodities. Think of it; life without chocolate!

Chocolate Day Night Image

Coffee & Chocolate share very similar characteristics not only in the way they grow but in how they acquire a flavour profile. The cultivation, harvesting, and the way these two products are processed can enhance or destroy these nuances. The more elegant and careful this process the more the healthful properties are preserved.