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Strategic Video Emails Sells Food


Tell me, is there anything more iconoclastic to the American menu than the hamburger? I don’t think so. While making this video we had fun featuring the ‘Drive In’ or the ‘Burger Joint’ that so brands America’s fast food cuisine. Look at the showing of classic cars, the neon blinking light, then imagine rock n’ roll blasting out from those car radios. This is a slice of Americana that has been featured in more movies than any other menu item. Burger, fries and a coke. Beginning, middle and the end of a meal that spanned the globe and still does. Who, in their wildest imaginings, would’ve ever imagined that McDonald’s Golden Arches’ would be in Red Square! AND, have queues wrapped around for a mile just waiting to go in and eat a burger. Why? It’s a good question, don’t you think?


The answer is ‘branding’. The hamburger with all the trimmings… but don’t forget to throw in the fries and the coke…NOW you have American branding on a plate. More commercials for both TV broadcast as well as those that are showcased at the cinema….huge big full screen display of that iconic meal just when you are starving.

I recently saw a very effective burger commercial, picture this:

Red Pickup rolling along a dirt road…nothing else in sight;
trail of dust streams along from behind it… back drop, hills, before it, open road..above only vast open sky.
Pickup stops, radio playing some very male tune…
very good looking young buck climbs out of the pickup,
leans himself against the truck and unwraps his big, juicy, burger… we get a close up of it…it has all the trimmings –
and then this gravel baritone voice says… “don’t bother me – I’m eating here.”

It’s interesting to me that the hamburger has a decidedly male branding; no one would use a woman to sell a hamburger. How in the world did that happen? Who decided it was a male’s domain and not a female’s? Were you to look over all the older commercials that span the 1950’s and 60’s you’d discover that while the males were featured as ‘wolfing’ down burgers, the females were eating their french fries, one fry at a time,… and sipping their cokes through straws, while the men usually gulped at their cokes in between chomping on their burger.

Maybe it’s the size of the burger that defines it’s supposed masculinity. You almost need two hands to hold one…the gals do, but some guys just grab the honking burger and take a huge bite. Let’s see, maybe if we examine the other elements that make up a burger we’ll be able to figure out how this, basically American Sandwich, became the domain of the American Male… young, virile, male at that!
Okay, we have lettuce, tomato, pickles and onions, if you’re not on a date that is! Maybe mayonnaise, and almost always, ketchup and mustard. So what’s ‘male’ about those ingredients? Nothing that I can see.


Now we know, it was all a part of an strategically executed advertising and marketing campaign. Someone, somewhere, decided that more men than women would eat this sandwich and that was where it was born. The American Burger for the American male. It stuck and it’s still here. Leave a Comment

Your Dream Home Is In Montana

If you don’t want to move to Montana, don’t watch this video!  There, warning posted.  This video was produced to showcase how we can take your stills, combine them with photos and video footage from our extensive archive and create a sales, presentation tool to serve you.

This video is our lure, baited hook!  There, honesty on the table! Posting it has brought in two jobs for us we hope you’ll be the third. There, pitch aside!  We’ll be posting those completed videos very soon, probably late November or first week of December.

Even if you’re not in the market for a custom home, built in heaven, doesn’t it still call to you?!  (well maybe not if you’re in love with big city living!) That aside, does this video give you a ‘feeling’ of what it would be like to live in your custom built home somewhere in Montana?  Again, this video was not generated for a commercial client, it’s our tool to showcase how we can combine stock photos and video to produce a commercial sales tool without having to add the considerable costs involved in ‘on location’ shoots.

(prices for video show reels begin @ $250)

We combine video, photographs, music, and a sales angle/specific pitch to produce a advertising tool for you.  The method is simple really, and its been used for as long as anyone can remember- its summed up as:  ‘tell me a story’.  In the world of competitive marketing and advertising, most agree that ‘the story sells’ &  ‘the facts tell’.

With the profusion of video portals and proven statistics of millions of daily viewers not only visiting these portals such as YouTube, but sharing the videos with each other. Video is the sales tool and its become a necessary one if you’re to remain competitive.

Having a video working out there for you, as a ‘cyber employee’ is one of the best investments you could have.  That video, will work tirelessly for you, night and day, everywhere at once!  Everywhere where you cannot be.  Video is today’s ‘show n’ tell’.  Its our brochure, our ‘Sales Rep’, our ‘Exhibition Booth, our TV & Radio commercial, our conference, etc.

We help you decide what type of video you need; branding video, product demo video, simple pitch to pull traffic to your website, video, virtual tour video, talking head video, etc.

Video sells for you.  It does the heavy lifting.  If the video has a narrative quality, if it entertains while it informs, and elevates your perception of the product or service its portraying then you have an ‘all in one’ sales staff’.  Think of it, if you then take this video and strategically place within the world wide social media circuit, haven’t you saved money when you consider the typical costs involved in producing traditional, time honoured, advertising and marketing materials?

Here at NewMediaResources, INC  ( we are able to draw from our archive of video footage and photographs when we assemble your marketing tool.  We’re experienced at developing concepts that sell products and services without having to travel to your location which often makes custom video production costs prohibitive.

(P.S. The contrast is staggering to have filmed some of the log home ruins, scattered around the once Wild West and then shoot video and stills in these magnificent structures, both residential and commercial.)